Otaku Coin: Otaku-specific cryptocurrency, supporting the growth of the anime/manga industry

Dec 27, 2022
Otaku Coin is a cryptocurrency that helps fans contribute to the overall development of the anime, manga, and game industry in Japan.
Otaku Coin: Otaku-specific cryptocurrency, supporting the growth of the anime/manga industry

What is Otaku Coin?

Tokyo Otaku Mode is an anime, manga, games, and fashion company. As one of the units that help bring Japanese culture to the world thanks to the online store system. In an effort to connect fans with Japanese-language content creators, the company has created a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology called Otaku Coin.

In addition to ordering merchandise, comics, and DVDs, there's almost nothing fans can do to support the anime and manga they love. Otaku Coin was created to connect consumers directly with the talented developers who help shape the beautiful world of anime today.

By letting fans support upcoming projects, Otaku Coin is more than just numbers on a screen. It bypasses the middleman, helps owners to interact with manufacturers, and supports the livelihoods of those who are directly involved in this harsh industry.

In addition, Otaku Coin will promote the production of anime, manga, and game-related products.


How to earn Otaku Coin?


Earning Otaku Coin is very easy, just thanks to the usual fan activities such as watching anime, sharing content, and writing reviews. However, it still brings great benefits to the community.

In return, fans around the world can visit Japan, purchase anime/manga-related products, or purchase tickets to the event thanks to Otaku Coin without worrying about the exchange rate difference.

With this approach, content producers have to try to create great, high-quality works.

Otaku Coin was officially launched in the summer of 2018, it has received the backing of many prominent companies in this industry, including Palmer Luckey (Oculus Rift Founder), Christopher Macdonald (CEO of Oculus Rift), Anime News Network), and even popular virtual YouTuber, Kizuna Ai.


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