Feb 22, 2024
This chapter has 15 pages, including double color pages and 13 story pages.

Chapter name: World, please respond to me.

- Double color page: Nami, Robin, Hancock, Reiju, Uta and Tashigi are drinking together, sitting on an elegant chesterfield sofa with three Yorkshire Terriers.
- This chapter continues the scene from the previous chapter. Augur and Devon don't trust Caribou.
- Caribou said he has valuable information. If they take him to Teach, he will tell everything. Whether or not Caribou is with Augur and Devon is not revealed in this chapter.

  • Scene changes to the Navy side. The names of all 9 Vice Admirals arriving at Egghead are revealed. Those Vice Admirals are: Pomsky, Tosa, Urban, Hound and Guillotine.
    - The Navy is having big problems with the Pacifistas because their "Bubble Shield" can block artillery shells. Doberman orders all Vice Admirals to search for Bonney as top priority. If they kill Bonney, control of the Pacifistas will return to them.
    - Vice Admiral Tosa is chasing Franky's group and he prepares to attack them with a move called "Tosagami" (Earth Tea Bite-Chew) whose power is equivalent to 10 Shigan attacks. However, Tosa was crushed by Dorry and Brogy (both of whom simply stomped him).
    - Dorry and Brogy tell some giant warriors to escort Franky's group back to their ship. Bonney tells the giants that Luffy, Sanji and Vegapunk are still in the middle of the island so Dorry and Brogy will go there to help.
    - Dorry: Vegapunk... He must be the person the "scholar" told us about.
    - Vice Admiral Bluegrass (Able to "Drive" everything) is riding the "Sea Beast Weapon" with Doll.
    - Bluegrass asked Doll if she had seen the giant's power. Doll replies that she worked under Saul 20 years ago.

-There is no information about Zoro, Jinbe, Brook or Usopp in this chapter.

- Scene changes to Luffy's group. Vegapunk tells Luffy and Sanji that they don't need to take him away anymore. Vegapunk once thought about escaping but now he has changed his mind.
- Vegapunk: There's something on Egghead Island that I must protect!!
- Vegapunk also told Luffy to protect Bonney. Vegapunk planned to reveal to Bonney that she would have control over the Pacifistas when she was older. But now everyone knows, Bonney will be hunted.
- Saturn turned back to face Luffy. Saturn shifts into a new form, perhaps his 100% animal form. Saturn's body is much larger and spider-like with big scary eyes, he now only has spider legs and no longer human arms.
- Saturn attacks Luffy and Sanji with long legs like poisoned whips, and attacks like tentacles. Luffy avoided them all while still laughing.
- Sanji carries Vegapunk and escapes Saturn's attack.
- Vegapunk: Wow, wow!! Hey, I thought I told you to leave me alone, Sanji!!
- Sanji: Yeah, yeah! Just keep still!! Wait..!!
- Suddenly Kizaru appeared and kicked Sanji down. Vegapunk fell from Sanji's hands and Kizaru stabbed Vegapunk with his lightsaber.
- Luffy saw what was all happening so he told Sanji to take Vegapunk and run away. Then Luffy transformed into a giant, he became very crazy.
- In the last double page of the chapter Luffy grabs Saturn's head with his left hand and Kizaru's entire body with his right hand at the same time. Kizaru vomited blood when Luffy squeezed him tightly.
- Luffy smiled: This time I won't let you escape...!!!
- Kizaru: ...!!
- Sanji and Vegapunk have now left the battle, giant Luffy is far behind them. Sanji was surprised to see Vegapunk still smiling despite his injuries.
- Sanji: Damn...!! Hey Vegapunk. This!! Are you dead??
Why are you laughing at this time!?
- Scene change to the Punk Records lab. Vegapunk's face suddenly appeared on the screen and started talking.
- Vegapunk: "Hello. Hello. Hello hello, 1, 2, 3, 4, hello. World~~~ World, please answer me...
I am Dr. Vegapunk, genius scientist...!!

The message I am about to tell may shock everyone. But this is the "truth" of this world...!!!"
- End of chapter, there's still a new chapter next week.
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