The first episode of the newest childcare anime, Buddy Daddies, just debuted on Crunchyroll and in Japan on January 6. It featured a much-anticipated action-packed Christmas story. Although there are some similarities to Spy x Family, Buddy Daddies is unmistakably different from the popular 2022 hit show, contrary to what audiences had anticipated when they watched the winter anime.

The first episode of Buddy Daddies begins with an underground deal and a car chase, setting the tone for future action scenes and giving the audience a sense of what to expect. However, it is not the only crime; the protagonists' clashing personalities provide a nice comedic contrast, while the characters' backgrounds are mature enough to appeal to viewers looking for solid drama.


Kazuki and Rei from "Buddy Daddies" Are a Classic Comedy Couple with Surprising Parenting Talents

Buddy Daddies' Premiere Mixes Action, Drama and Comedy in an Explosive Christmas Episode_0

While Rei is a recluse who plays video games and takes in stray cats but is incapable of caring for the house, Kazuki is a shameless womanizer who cooks and cleans and is oddly responsible. Rei's closed-off personality contrasts nicely with Kazuki's outgoing personality, and the pair's bickering is quite amusing, especially when it occurs on the job. They can't help but blame each other for their mistakes, even when pointing a gun at someone's head, almost like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Rei seems indifferent, but his tendency to take in strays shows an inclination for care. Similarly, Kazuki has a soft spot for children; in a surprisingly dramatic flashback, the show discloses Kazuki’s past as one of missed paternity. He was supposed to have a child, but something went wrong and he eventually didn’t. When Kazuki and Rei end up adopting the young girl Miri, it almost seems like fate.


There May Be too Much Going on for Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies' Premiere Mixes Action, Drama and Comedy in an Explosive Christmas Episode_1

They are immediately seen working after Kazuki and Rei are introduced. They pose as caterers to crash a criminal's holiday party, but when the shots start to fly, chaos breaks out. The chaos is only exacerbated by the appearance of young Miri, who is looking for her father. In addition to being heavily focused on action, Buddy Daddies' first episode also incorporates comedy and drama, especially when introducing the characters.

These components have been combined before, but a show that tries to be a lot of things at once doesn't always succeed. Nevertheless, the anime has a lot of exciting details -- same-sex parenting, peculiar characters, an adorable little girl and a mysterious crime world yet to explore. Nicely animated as well, Buddy Daddies might prove to be one of the most successful anime of the Winter 2023 season. However, this will depend heavily on how it develops its characters and how expertly it manages to blend its several genres.