Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's dramatic and fashionable world features strong and capable anime characters who excel at identifying other characters' weak points. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure heroes and villains carry a uniquely formidable presence that shows through their outfits, poses, and strategies. Though the series' powerful villains make its universe dangerous, certain out-of-series characters have the potential to thrive within Jojo's environment.

Some characters possess a fittingly striking personality to battle Stand users with style. Others wield advantageous abilities or physiques that identify and counter enemy Stand users in a crowd. The ability to stand alongside the Joestars comes easily for anime characters who utilize their full potential.

10 Akio Ohtori Has Jojo's Style And Menace (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

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Akio Ohtori has the scheming mind, style, and athleticism of an effective Jojo's Bizarre Adventure villain through his talent at manipulation. His regal attire and public mannerisms give him a commanding presence in Ohtori Academy that Jojo characters effortlessly exude. Akio's skills as a duelist and his success at concealing his true intentions match the cunning actions of Jojo villains like Dio and Kira Yoshikage.

Akio has a major impact on the protagonist Utena's ambitions which reflects the interactions between Jojo antagonists and the Joestar family. He maintains a menacing presence worthy of a power-hungry enemy Stand user.

9 Biscuit Krueger's Strength Fits A Jojo Protagonist (Hunter X Hunter)

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The confident mentor and professional Hunter Biscuit Krueger has extensive combat expertise and the overwhelming physical strength that benefits her profession and suits Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's aesthetic. Biscuit's effortless power displays while training Gon and Killua proves her aptitude as a Hunter. Yet, her speed and healing abilities have equal potential as a powerful and supportive Stand ability.

Biscuit has the intelligence and punching abilities to fight as a capable Jojo protagonist with a greater impact than as a side character in Hunter x Hunter. She exhibits a determination toward Hunter pursuits that proves invaluable to a Jojo protagonist's victories.

8 Neji Hyuga's Byakugan Is Ideal For Stand Battles (Naruto)

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Neji Hyuga's Byakugan Kekkei Genkai ability makes him a skilled ninja with unparalleled reconnaissance skills and strong defensive abilities. The propensity of enemy Jojo Stand users to observe and attack protagonists while hidden makes Neji's Byakugan perfect for finding both them and sneakier Stands. Neji's patient way of determining the best course of action suits the strategy that defeating Stands requires.

While Neji proves to be a genius-level ninja in Naruto, his talents would equally benefit a Jojo protagonist team that faces unknown enemies. His joining of a Joestar group offers an opportunity to thrive outside the Hyuga Clan's hierarchy.

7 The Shadow Beasts Collective Powers Make Them Potentially Fearsome Stand Users (Hunter X Hunter)

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The Yorknew City mafia's Shadow Beasts possess a range of threatening abilities that have little chance to shine before their defeat by the Phantom Troupe. The Shadow Beast's strategy of attacking collectively works well in a series like Jojo where groups of Stand users pose a greater threat than solo opponents. Their menacing appearances and group strategy give them a greater chance of surviving as Jojo minions than mafia thugs.

Shadow Beasts act with the professionalism and ruthlessness that more successful Jojo villains use to outsmart the Joestars' allies. Their ability range would make them unpredictable in a Stand confrontation.

6 Ban's Immortality Would Create An Unstoppable Stand Ability (Seven Deadly Sins)

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The Seven Deadly Sins member Ban's muscular physique and supernatural speed and strength fit right in with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's character builds. Ban's punching speed resembles that of Stands like Star Platinum which overpower other Stands with ease in close combat. His immortality combined with his athletics would make him a potentially unstoppable Stand user with immense power.

Ban's greater-than-average passion gives him the drive that gives Jojo protagonists the ability to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. His unique skill set and regenerative abilities give him an immediate advantage as both a Seven Deadly Sin and a possible Stand user of good or evil.

5 Deep Sea King Has A Jojo Villain's Physique And Mindset (One Punch Man)

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The One Punch Man villain Deep Sea King has the arrogance and sense of superiority that motivates Jojo villains like Dio to seek control over humankind. Deep Sea King sports the overly muscular physique that defines the typical Jojo character and numerous strength-enhancing abilities that easily defeat experienced fighters.

Deep Sea King would find a greater opportunity for wreaking havoc in a universe like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where heroes with overly powerful punches like Saitama don't exist. He has the overpowering aura and physical prowess to prove a match to Stand users of varying strengths.

4 Best Jeanist Sports The Fashion And Control Of A Stand User (My Hero Academia)

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The Pro Hero Best Jeanist wears peculiar fashion in My Hero Academia, befitting that of a stylish Jojo character. His Quirk Fiber Master allows him to use clothing itself as a weapon and direct threads with precision, which suits a series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with its outfits and Stand manipulation. Best Jeanist's eccentric personality and fighting talent certainly matches Jojo's aesthetic.

Though Best Jeanist's outstanding Quirk control earns him success as a hero, that same mastery of his abilities makes for a capable Jojo protagonist. Fiber Master would function as a versatile and powerful Stand ability.

3 Mamoru Aikawa Has A Stand User's Analytical Skills (High Rise Invasion)

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High Rise Invasion's villain Mamoru Aikawa pursues his goals primarily by manipulating both players and numerous masked individuals within the game world. Mamoru's strategy of brainwashing players into obeying him without question has distinct similarities to Dio Brando's use of flesh buds to control his followers. He demonstrates the talent for manipulation and scheming behind the scenes that makes Jojo villains threatening.

Mamoru's instinct for assessing characters' power levels and their whereabouts would suit him well in strategy-based Stand battles. His hatred of betrayal and resulting actions could be explored further in a series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with a greater focus on characterization.

2 Nanami Kento's Has The Perfect Jojo Demeanor (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Jujutsu Kaisen's Kento Nanami has a calm focus in battle and the formal attire that defines a lead Jojo protagonist. Nanami's no-nonsense approach that sets him apart from other characters works well in a universe like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, where most villains attack with lethal intent.

Nanami has the tactical expertise and high energy reserves from years of training to outperform multiple Stand types. His mature understanding of his profession's dangers would prove equally useful in situations when Stands prove too strong to face immediately. Nanami would never make the mistake of entering a Jojo fight ill-prepared.

1 Kotaro Tatsumi Has A Joestar's Way Of Thinking (Zombie Land Saga)

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Kotaro Tatsumi from Zombie Land Saga has a creative approach to problem-solving that results in the establishment of a zombie idol group. Though Kotaro achieves unexpected success in his plans, his unusual way of thinking would also work well in Jojo plots when defeating Stand users requires out-of-the-ordinary strategies.

He addresses Franchouchou's members with similar dramatic flair to that which gives Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters their charm. Kotaro shares the additional tendency to bounce back from failure with Jojo protagonists who clash with the main villains. His goal of saving the region from a curse would give him the motivation to fight villains like Dio's vampires.

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