The Fall 2022 anime season's Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! keeps things interesting by presenting the abnormal class with a once-in-a-lifetime obstacle in the form of the Harvest Festival event at Babyls. Up until this point, members of the abnormal class had risen to the occasion and achieved Plus Ultra status with their own abilities, and in Episode 6, Iruma Suzuki introduces another another tool to his armory.

Iruma possesses more than just his bow and the Ring of Gluttony. In addition, he is wise and patient enough to prepare himself for jungle survival, which distinguishes him from careless demon pupils who dash off in search of materials for points. In Episode 6, Iruma's long-term strategy comes off, and with so much competition around, he'll need that crucial advantage.


Iruma Suzuki's Survival Technique Is Humane

Iruma-kun! Season 3, Episode 6 Shows the Power of Human Ingenuity_0

Episode 6's first half focuses almost entirely on Iruma, who has only the blond Lead for company deep in the jungle. Neither Iruma nor Lead is particularly powerful or talented compared to the Alice/Sabnock battle duo or the clever Jazz/Allocer pair, but the humble Iruma does have a unique advantage: his human-style patience. Unlike most demons, who favor quick action and reckless risk-taking, Iruma is all about survival and long-term planning. He spent 14 years working for his parents back on Earth, learning how to take care of himself and avoid danger to see another day. Iruma puts that into practice here in the jungle, collecting ingredients not for points but for his and Lead's meals. If they don't eat and recharge their stamina, they won't be in any shape to collect more ingredients later.

Iruma, unlike most demons, knows how to delay gratification and plan ahead. Lead follows Iruma's lead and spends some time adjusting to the forest, acclimating himself and learning to think like a natural-born jungle beast. That, combined with a fine meal and leftovers, means the two boys are playing by the jungle's rules rather than demonkind's rules. Humans are the weakest creatures in the jungle, either on Earth or in the Netherworld, so they must use their unique advantages and outlast everyone and everything else. While Iruma and Lead prepare themselves for the battle ahead, other demons are already fighting that battle, and there are bound to be losers. Then Iruma and Lead, on their own terms, can rejoin the race and mop up everyone else.


Why Iruma Suzuki Has a Purpose and a Plan for Everything He Does

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Iruma's clever jungle survival plan is just one of several examples of how Iruma thinks and operates here in the Netherworld. He has an ENFJ personality type, meaning he's people-oriented and emotionally sensitive, but he is also a skilled planner with principles, so he's not reckless or short-sighted about what he does. Iruma has his own mental playbook, with every strategy tested by hard-won experience. He will gladly help other people and befriend them, but he must be careful and deliberate about it. Iruma can't afford to make things up as he goes, and nor can he rely on demonic strength since he has none. His brainpower is his best weapon.

Iruma waited until the last moment to challenge that beast at Walter Park with his ring, making sure he had the right strategy and timing to claim victory. Then he trained with Bachiko, spending time figuring out why he wanted to win so badly. Iruma needs principles and well-defined purposes to drive him, and once he got his answer, he finally formed his real bow. Now, in Episode 6, Iruma puts his extroverted but calculating mind to work once again, turning the Netherworld playbook upside-down and fighting not now but later. No other demon will see it coming, and it's sure to pay off in the long term. That said, he must not lower his guard around powerful rivals like Oroboas Coco or the Ichiro/Niro pair. Iruma may have an unexpected advantage, but the battle is just beginning.