The following contains spoilers for Chapter 72 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Smaller and More Useful”, by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

Many Boruto fans have been surprised with the route mapped out for Sasuke. As a Ranger of Konoha, he roamed the outside world, sussing out threats to the new shinobi era. It was part of his redemption after breaking bad in the Naruto series, and honestly, a lone wolf role has fit him well.

However, he was quickly positioned as Boruto's mentor, helping the kid hone his talents for Team 7. This created tension between Boruto and the Hokage, but Naruto worked things out with his son in time. Sasuke eventually mentored his own daughter, Sarada, as well, not just because of her jealousy, but she had to perfect her Sharingan. It brought Sasuke's story full-circle from rogue ninja to mature teacher, and now the manga is in a position to give him an even better apprentice.

Himawari Has Immense Potential - And Sasuke Could Help Bring It Out

Boruto Could Give Sasuke a Better Apprentice Than Naruto's Son or Sarada_0

Chapter 72 of the Boruto manga revealed that Hinata was worried over Boruto's continued missions in the Hidden Leaf. She's scared because after Kawaki killed him, it was only due to Momoshiki's possession that the boy got revived. Still, with the alien essence still inside and threats like Code around, Hinata knows trouble is on the horizon.

Ironically, her daughter Himawari saw her despondence and made an earnest effort to console her mom. She admitted she wanted to level up as a ninja to protect her village, and more so, Boruto. It warmed Hinata's heart to see this effort, but this might be more than just a young girl dreaming. Himawari has immense potential, after all, as she inherited the Byakugan eyes from the Hyūga clan.

Thus, after she trained with her grandfather on her mom's side, Sasuke can now fit in and help Himawari upgrade her talents even further with the Will of Fire. Thanks to his experience using the Sharingan, she can mine a lot to change the way the Byakugan is used. After all, Sasuke is one of the most knowledgeable, proficient and adaptable ninja ever, so this can bridge how their respective clans -- his being the Uchiha -- used their ocular jutsus.

Himawari's Lineage Makes Her Even Stronger Than Boruto and Sarada

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Himawari does have a lot of power in her as she possesses Naruto's blood and his chakra, which had Kurama (the Nine Tails Fox) fused in. So a chakra expert like Sasuke can assist in her changing laws and rules within her own clan -- things he did with his Rinnegan, as all these eyes do have some commonality. Even outside her eyes, Sasuke can help Himawari with shadow clones, lightning attacks and other nature-based techniques the Hokage may not be able to teach her as he's busy with war and politics.

Sasuke would have the time since he's lost his Rinnegan, so this allows him to be dedicated in crafting the village's next weapon of mass destruction. Given that Amado's still shady and Konoha can't trust Eida and Daemon, Himawari could easily transform into Boruto's secret trump card. Ultimately, she's stronger than Boruto and Sarada due to her mixed lineage. Just like how Toneri once tried to harness Hinata's potential, Sasuke can help Himawari unlock what the Hyūgas couldn't -- and maybe even bring her as close as possible to being the next Sage of the Six Paths.