Since demon hunters are still people, their daily near-death encounters aren't everything in their lives. This implies that they behave like ordinary people would, therefore it was unexpected when the Chainsaw Man anime added a sequence illustrating just this.

Although Aki's morning ritual isn't in the original manga, having it there is a welcome change from the usual doom and gloom of Chainsaw Man's world of demons and bloodshed. When the episode was released, fans immediately praised the scene online, with many exclaiming over the animation quality and its overall soothing vibe.


Aki's Morning Routine Is in Line with a Current Anime Trend

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Some viewers found Aki's morning ritual to be particularly well animated, which is a genuine tribute to the love and attention Studio MAPPA is putting into the eagerly awaited anime adaptation. Putting aside the fact that the sequence didn't need to be included at all, the animators also weren't need to exert the same amount of work into a montage with no action. The image of Aki pouring water on his face is particularly noteworthy since the water's reflection makes his face appear bigger.

As anime grows more and more significant to viewers, excellent animation appears to be the current trend. Even while Chainsaw Man is undoubtedly a highlight this season, the days of only finding high-caliber animation in one or two series every season are long gone. Fans frequently wonder why studios bothered to adapt those IPs at all if they weren't going to garner much attention in the first place because it appears that low-quality shows are now the exception.


Should Scenes from the Original Anime be Included in the Adaptation?

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While anime viewers would have had no idea that Aki's scene wasn't originally in the manga and manga fans undoubtedly didn't mind its inclusion, there is something to be said for the trend of many adaptations including scenes. The anime format allows Bleach, which is well known for the numerous narrative flaws in its final arc, to fix, expand, or otherwise add more scenes.

There have been instances in the past, though, where this has gone too far. Due to the numerous ways in which the original Fullmetal Alchemist manga was altered, the first anime version of the series basically developed its own plot outside of the book's. Many fans may find it difficult to understand several canons depending on the media in which a narrative is presented, and this may be a slippery slope. However, even though it was only a morning routine this time, it's possible that MAPPA will add more scenes in the future, and the studio has unquestionably gained the fans' trust with these additions going forward.