The entire premise of the One Punch Man series has been Saitama’s unimaginable strength. He is considered to be the strongest being in existence, and as the title suggests, he defeats anyone and everyone with just one punch. Saitama always seems to be in the search for a worthy opponent who he cannot defeat – at least not in one punch. Though, more often than not, he ends up taking down his enemies with a single punch.

It is important to note that the focus is on those who can take a few punches from Saitama rather than those who could survive a full battle. Whether or not they can sustain an entire onslaught of punches, is an entirely different topic of discussion.

Updated on September 12, 2022 by George Voutiritsas: The anime world is filled with powerful individuals, but very few possess the overwhelming physical strength of Saitama, who initially became a hero for fun. He fights incredibly dangerous beings, but they are not much of a threat to him since he can destroy them with a single punch. Some enemies have survived his initial punch, but these instances are extremely rare. Since his debut, many anime and comic book fans have wondered if any characters can survive a Saitama punch, and it turns out that there are more than a few who can.

15 Ban Can Survive Anything Thanks To His Immortality

Seven Deadly Sins

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In Seven Deadly Sins, Ban is known as the Fox's Sin of Greed, which is fitting since he possesses an ability called Snatch. It allows him to steal physical objects, but it can be used to steal physical abilities as well, which means that he can take part of Saitama's strength and endurance.

Ban drank the entire Fountain of Youth, and when it merged with his blood, he gained true immortality. He did not age, and he could heal any injury. Even if his body was completely annihilated, he would fully regenerate, which means that even Saitama's punches wouldn't be able to put him down.

14 Kizaru's Devil Fruit Would Nullify Saitama's Punches

One Piece

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In One Piece, the Admirals are the Marines' strongest fighters, and Kizaru ate the Glint-Glint Fruit, a Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to manipulate and transform into light. It gives him the ability to move at the speed of light too, so Saitama would have a very hard time keeping up with his movements.

Like all Logia, the Glint-Glint Fruit grants Kizaru intangibility, making him immune to most physical attacks. If Saitama were to punch him, his fist would simply pass through Kizaru's body without harming him. Armament Haki counters this intangibility, but Saitama can't use Haki.

13 Superman Wouldn't Go Down Unless Saitama Had Kryptonite

DC Comics

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There have been many versions of Superman throughout the decades, some of them more powerful than others. Not every incarnation of Superman could take a punch from Saitama, but a lot of them can.

Saitama is fast, but Superman’s faster (faster than light). He is also stronger than him – he can lift and move planets out of their orbits. He has laser vision, can read people’s thoughts, and is superior to Saitama in almost every possible way. The only way Saitama could defeat him is if he’s wearing Kryptonite gloves.

12 Thanos Is An Immortal Who Can Absorb A Saitama Punch With Ease

Marvel Comics

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Despite the fact that they come from different franchises, Marvel's Thanos is often seen as the evil (and more intelligent) version of Superman. Apart from the usual superhuman qualities (superhuman speed, stamina, strength etc), Thanos has the capacity to absorb unimaginably huge amounts of cosmic energy. This means that Saitama’s punches wouldn’t even tickle him.

Even excluding those abilities, Thanos is still is immortal, he can manipulate matter, and he can go indefinitely without any form of sustenance. Much of Thanos's power comes from the Infinity Stones, but the fact that he can wield them all at once is a testament to his innate might.

11 If Zeno Can Wipe Out Entire Universes, He Can Survive A Punch

Dragon Ball Super

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Zeno is a character from Dragon Ball Super, in fact, he rules over the entire cosmos of the Dragon Ball Universe. His cutesy appearance is extremely deceiving - he can actually create or kill universes in a matter of seconds.

Zeno could hold his own against Saitama from a distance, since he has no battle training whatsoever. Assuming Saitama can even land one punch on him, all Zeno has to do is simply change the timeline they both are in and the battle will be reset.

10 Sebastian Michaelis Can Only Be Killed By A Specific Weapon

Black Butler

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Sebastian Michaelis possesses inhuman abilities thanks to his demonic nature. While the Black Butler anime does a good job of showing his powers, the manga provides more light on his unimaginable strength. Essentially, Michaelis does not have a form that humans can comprehend, which means he can be whatever he wants to be.

The only thing that can canonically kill Sebastian Michaelis is the Undertaker’s scythe. In a hand-to-hand battle, he’s often been victorious over other powerful supernatural creatures. Thus, there’s no denying he could easily survive Saitama’s punches.

9 Giorno Giovanna Can Create & Manipulate Life

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Giorno makes an appearance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5. One of his best weapons is Gold Experience, a Stand ability which gives him the power to create or manipulate life. However, his ultimate weapon is without a doubt Gold Experience Requiem, which essentially traps his enemy in an endless death loop if he manages to actually kill them.

If Saitama does manage to catch him off guard in a battle and land one or two punches on him, all Giorno has to do is manipulate his willpower and make Saitama do his bidding. Saitama's raw strength does nothing to help him against mind control, after all.

8 The Hulk Possesses Limitless Strength & Endurance

Marvel Comics

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The Marvel comics establish the Hulk as possessing limitless physical strength and endurance, which could easily withstand a few (if not all) of Saitama’s punches. After all, he has shown to be able to withstand nuclear explosions and solar temperatures in the comics.

Not to mention that if those punches make him mad/angry, it will only make him stronger. The Hulk can also regenerate fairly quickly, which means whatever damage that he might sustain from those punches, can easily be nullified.

7 The Anti-Monitor Is Invulnerable & He Can Destroy Matter

DC Comics

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When it comes to the comics, DC has a lot of powerful villains. But very few are as powerful as the Anti-Monitor. He was born at the beginning of time, and his only goal is to destroy everything. He controls the Antimatter Universe, which explains why he can produce antimatter blasts that can destroy matter.

The Anti-Monitor has eradicated multiple universes, and he can alter reality to a certain extent. He is also invulnerable, as several of DC's strongest heroes attacked him at once and he took no damage. Saitama's punch may not even break through the Anti-Monitor's armor, and even if it did, the villain is immortal.

6 As A God Of Destruction, Beerus Can Destroy Entire Planets Effortlessly

Dragon Ball Super

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Beerus was the first antagonist of Dragon Ball Super, and he is Universe 7’s God of Destruction. His job is to maintain balance in the universe, and his powers are only surpassed by the Angels and the Omni-King himself. He can use Hakai, an ability which allows him to destroy anything, even souls.

It would be tough for Saitama to punch Beerus, seeing how this God was able to easily evade all of Goku’s attacks even in his Super Saiyan form. Even when Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God, Beerus is able to defeat him after a mighty battle.

5 No Face Can Eat Literal Gods

Spirited Away

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Not every person who can deal with Saitama’s punches has to be an all-knowing God of the universe. Sometimes it’s the more quiet ones that one has to keep an eye out for. No Face from Spirited Away is exactly one such creature.

No Face's power is such that he is able to entirely eat other gods. No amount of punches or otherworldly powers are a match to his insatiable desire. Punching him would be akin to punching a jelly, which would also yield no results.

4 Satan Can Only Be Harmed By His Sons

Blue Exorcist

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It is kind of hard to hurt an opponent when it is literally the devil himself. Saitama might be an all powerful superhero, but he’s ultimately human. On the other hand, Satan is one of God’s most powerful creations, and he can cause people to spontaneously combust by just looking at them.

In the Blue Exorcist manga, it is revealed that Satan can only be contained, but never controlled. Also, it has been established that the only two people who can ever physically harm him are his own sons – Rin and Yukio.

3 Father Becomes A Literal God In His Final Form

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Father is the primary antagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and he is virtually unbeatable in his ultimate form. He can manipulate matter and energy, he can go against the natural order of things, and he can create anything out of thin air. He is essentially God.

He is literally capable of creating and holding a tiny sun in his hand. Landing a punch on him would be tough enough, but if Saitama punches Father after he’s absorbed Greed, there is no way he would be able to make a dent in Father's body.

2 The Presence Possesses Infinite Power & Cannot Be Harmed Normally

DC Comics

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Saitama can one-shot many of DC's heroes, even the incredibly muscular ones, but he would never be able to defeat The Presence. This being is God, and he was the only source of light within an infinitude of darkness. The multiverse was born once he became strong enough.

He can take any form he wishes, and his power is indeed infinite, as he can defy any physical universal law to make something happen. The Presence can make it so Saitama never reaches him, but even if he were to get punched, he is immune to all forms of normal attacks, including punches.

1 One Above All Is The Supreme Ruler Of The Multiverse

Marvel Comics

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Marvel's version of God is known as One Above All, and he rules the entire multiverse as the ultimate source of good. He rarely gets involved in matters concerning the multiverse, even though he knows and sees everything in existence.

In terms of powers, The One Above All's are limitless, so much so that they are beyond the scope of understanding. If Saitama were to punch him, the blow would not even phase him. In fact, the only way to even weaken One Above All is to cause some form of multiversal imbalance.

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