5 quotes by Anya Forger You will remember that one. Witty and adorable

Oct 27, 2022
Being a spy is never simple, but when you have a family, it may be even more difficult. For the characters in the anime series Spy x Family Tv, which chronicles the trials and sufferings of a group of secret operatives, this is the reality. A clever spy named Twilight was given the assignment of creating a "family" to infiltrate a famous school.

From family secrets to international intrigues, these people must brave dangerous situations and solve complex puzzles in order to keep their loved ones safe. Here are some of the best manga anime quotes from Spy x Family Tv series.


anya-spyxfamily 0

“Is having a kid bad? Am I in the way”

anya-spyxfamily 1

“Papa is the world’s biggest liar… But he’s a cool liar”

anya-spyxfamily 2

“Ah, I’m so lonely because I don’t have a mother”

anya-spyxfamily 3

“A spy… an assassin… this is so exciting! Waku Waku!”

anya-spyxfamily 4

“The people look like bits of trash from up here”