One Piece 1107 spoilers | The Current State of Kizaru

Feb 02, 2024
After Kizaru got punched by Star Gun from Luffy he could not move anymore. We assume this is because of Luffys punch taking him out for a couple minutes. And in Chapter 1106, when Kizaru was about to kill Bonney, Luffy appeared and punched him away again. This time we see Kizaru sitting on the ground and holding his head.
One Piece 1107 spoilers | The Current State of Kizaru

I think Kizaru is really exhausted and probably won’t be able to put more pressure on Luffy.

I’m sure when we watch the Luffy vs Kizaru fight it’s going to be absolutely bonkers and fast paced. As it should be when one of the fighters is a Light man. I don’t think the Manga did it justice.

To me, Kizaru is like an orthodox outboxer using speed and technique to win while Luffy and Kaido are both infighters that specialize in toughing it out and wearing down the enemy with body shots before finishing them off.

The punch to the head probably didn’t help but I think the main reason Kizaru was on the ground was he just gassed out and needed a story monologue to catch his breath after going full speed for so long.

I also want to point out that Luffy is 19 and Kizaru is 58. The loss of stamina and toughness at that age is the main reason professional fighters retire. Maintaining high level physicality requires lots of training. Luffy has literally spent the last decade of his life training and conditioning his body while Kizaru probably hasn’t had a serious fight like Luffy ever.

Even Marineford was a cakewalk compared to running the ones for 5 minutes with Gear 5 Luffy. I think Kizaru is out of shape and like the Film Z movie says, became too reliant on his Devil Fruit. Which is understandable when most of your job is just to be a deterrent and sip coffee most days.

One Piece 1107 release time

One Piece chapter 1107 is expected to release on February 19, 2024 Japan time. Spoiler information will be updated as soon as the latest revelations become available.



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