All fans have, at some point or another, found themselves bawling their eyes out while watching some of their favorite movies and TV shows. Anime is no different. Be it the death of a beloved character, the unfairness of life, or a cathartic experience of relating to a character beyond the realm of fiction, anime and manga have been the reason for a lot of viewers' tears.

Like most challenges on the internet these days, the Try Not To Cry Challenge has been making its mark. This challenge is rising in popularity, similar to the Try Not To Laugh Challenge or the Try Not To Dance Challenge. Some anime make fans cry even after they've rewatched the series, be it one scene or the entire story.

10 The Plight Of A Time-Travelling Boy (Tokyo Revengers)

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One of the latest releases, Tokyo Revengers follows Takemichi Hanagaki as he travels back in time to find and stop the event that caused the death of his first love, Hinata Tachibana. With the help of Hinata's younger brother, Naoto Tachibana, Takemichi keeps going back exactly 12 years to make sure the present changes.

Takemichi is known as the emotional one among his friends due to him tearing up at every inconvenience, big or small. The death of various characters throughout Tokyo Revengers is also heartbreaking.

9 The Heartbreak Of Loss (Haikyuu)

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Haikyuu is one of the most popular and loved sports anime of this generation. Haruichi Furudate's well-written characters hold a special place in the hearts of fans. This volleyball anime revolves around impressionable high school students who give their blood, sweat, tears, and more to their school's club activities.

When the Karasuno High School Volleyball Team loses in the Nationals, the sadness and devastation on their faces are enough to make anyone cry. The impeccable animation just adds to the gut punch that is their loss.

8 The Death Of Family (Demon Slayer)

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Kimetsu No Yaiba, popular by its English title Demon Slayer, has been commercially and critically acclaimed for its stunning animation and is the number one shonen anime of this decade. Tanjiro Kamado, the main protagonist of the series, loses almost his entire family to a demon attack while he was away for one night.

The devastation on his face when he stumbled upon the remains of his family members was so tragic that even the most stoic viewers shed a tear or two. Throughout Demon Slayer, Tanjiro's determination to turn his sister back into a human is commendable.

7 The Death Of Beloved Characters (Naruto Shippuden)

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One of the big 3 anime of this generation, Naruto (and by extension, Naruto Shippuden) can be a heart-wrenching anime for fans. From the mistreatment of Naruto as a boy and the portrayal of his innocent loneliness to the death of Jiraiya, Naruto has many moments where audiences cannot help but cry.

The death of Neji Hyuga during the Fourth Ninja World War and the temporary death of Kakashi Hatake and hundreds of others during the Pain Arc left fans devastated.

6 The Tragedy Of Lovers (Banana Fish)

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One of the most prominent Yaoi or Boys' Love (BL) anime, Banana Fish has broken many hearts across the globe. Following the story of Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, Banana Fish has everything from gangs and violence to the power of friendship and romance.

While Ash and Eiji fall in love with each other, they are unable to be together because Eiji is returning to Japan and Ash is stabbed on the way to the airport to see him. The desperation behind the failure of a single touch is conveyed beautifully to viewers.

5 The Life Of An Angel (Haibane Renmei)

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Yoshitoshi Abe's Haibane Renmei follows the story of a particular young Haibane (an angel-like creature with wings and a halo) called Rakka. Rakka awakens in an unknown world without the memories of her past. She is tasked with protecting the town of Glie.

Rakka grows accustomed to her new life but is troubled by unsettling thoughts regarding the walls around her village and the disappearance of her kind on a particular day. An anime that began as a doujinshi, Haibane Renmei is an appropriate addition to the Try Not To Cry Challenge.

4 The Tragedy Of War (Violet Evergarden)

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Following the life and reintegration to society of the titular character, Violet Evergarden is an anime series that depicts the effects of war and the tragedy war brings. Working as a ghostwriter for those who cannot write by themselves, Violet observes the deep emotions of other people.

This anime does a fantastic job of portraying the effects of a devastating war, along with the main protagonist's emotions and reactions. A tearjerker till the end, Violet Evergarden is a perfect fit for this challenge.

3 The Aftermath Of A Friend's Death (Anohana)

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One of the most emotional and upsetting anime of all time, Anohana follows the story of childhood friends who drifted apart after one of their friends died in a tragic accident. Years after the accident, the ghost of the dead girl, Menma, shows herself and asks her friends to fulfill her last wish so that she can pass on from the realm of the living.

However, Menma doesn't remember what her last wish was. Her friends get together to help her move on amid revealed secrets, hidden feelings, and internal conflicts.

2 The Undoing Of Tragedy (Erased)

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Erased follows the main protagonist, Satou Fujinuma, as he receives the power to go back 18 years in the past to save his family and friends from a gruesome end. Satou goes back in the past with his current memories intact, and he finds the culprit and manages to save his friends and family.

In the climax of the series, he wakes up in the present day. He orchestrates a sting operation, enticing the culprit from all those years ago to kill him by throwing him off the hospital roof. Eventually, the culprit reveals his true self.

1 The Free Spirit Of Music (Your Lie In April)

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Your Lie In April follows Kousei Arima and his return to the world of music with a fresh perspective aided by Kaori Miyazono. Arima was a piano prodigy who lost all motivation when his strict mother and mentor passed away. He was reintroduced to the wonderful world of music by Kaori, a violinist whose playing reflected her carefree personality.

While the two explore music like never before, Arima's flashbacks of traumatic practice sessions and the gut-punch that was Kaori's health condition and imminent death make audiences cry pails.