My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers and raw scans: A Todoroki family reunion raises the stakes of the Dabi vs Endeavor fight

May 10, 2023
My Hero Academia chapter 388 is set to be released on Monday, May 15, at 12 Am JST in Shueisha’s weakly Shonen Jump issue 24.
My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers and raw scans: A Todoroki family reunion raises the stakes of the Dabi vs Endeavor fight
My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers were leaked earlier, revealing that the chapter continues from where the previous chapter left off and contains a flashback as well.

In the previous chapter, Geten revealed that he was a Himura and that his family is prone to latent awakenings. Back in Gunga, Endeavor tried getting Dabi high enough in the sky that his detonation wouldn’t harm anyone but them. He realized that Dabi’s near-death situation had manifested his hitherto unknown latent ice quirk. Just then, Rei Todoroki arrived at the scene.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 388.


My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers show the Todoroki family coming together to stop Toya and Endeavor

According to My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers, the chapter is titled “Toya”.

The chapter begins with a flashback. Back in the underground shelters at UA, Kendo stops AFO’s spies and informs everyone that since the carrier boxes will not be moving, they should get out and use the robotic vehicles to escape the situation at Gunga. Civilians are instructed not to look at where Dabi has created the Heat Sphere, but the Todoroki family disobeys that order.

After realizing the dire situation, Rei asks Natsuo to protect his sister as she instructs one of the vehicles, which must obey a human’s command, to carry her up to the battle. My Hero Academia chapter 388 then cuts back to the present, when the Vehicle has been destroyed and Rei continues to burn. She calls out to Toya, ignoring Endeavor’s warning that she will perish if she remains here any longer.

Endeavor realizes that she is using her Ice to keep herself alive and wonders if she plans to do the same for their son. Dabi, upon seeing Rei, utters the word “mom” followed by “Natsu” and “Fuyumi”, making her realize that her other two children have followed her to the battle. She scolds them for being here, but Fuyumi says that she does not want to lose anyone else.

Natsuo wonders what would have happened if he listened to Toya’s complaints when they were children and urges his older brother to come back to them. Endeavor thinks of using his fire to propel Dabi away from the rest of his family and hopes that they do not die in the skirmish. My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers end with a panel of the Todoroki family greeting a grown-up Toya, who has no scars and is wearing Dabi’s long coat. Curiously, Shoto Todoroki is absent in this image.


Final thoughts

Rei arriving at Gunga in chapter 387 (image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers explain how Rei flew up to the battle between her son and Endeavor, and squashes any theories about her Quirk being able to make her float. It also explains how she got to Gunga, and confirms the readers’ expectations of seeing the two middle Todoroki siblings there. Given that Rei has a powerful ice Quirk, and so do Natsuo and Fuyumi, they can combine their power to save Toya if such a thing is at all possible at this point.

Endeavor seems to have given up all hope and is dead set on the demise of himself and his eldest son. However, the storyline so far makes it appear that mangaka Horikoshi plans to save Toya one way or another. My Hero Academia chapter 388 spoilers do not mention Dabi’s newly awakened ice Quirk. What is most interesting in this chapter is the absence of Shoto Todoroki in the imagined “what-if” panel and what said absence may signify given that Shoto is already on his way to Gunga.


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