Kyu Sumiyoshi, the author of the manga Hyperinflation, requests that fans buy the series after it was named the most-wanted anime adaptation of 2023.

According to Anime Senpai, Hyperinflation has recently risen to the top of the sixth annual "Manga We Want To See Animated" Japanese online poll. However, Sumiyoshi, the series' author, used this platform to inform fans that the best way to support his work is to buy copies of his books, as he has not yet received any offers for an anime adaptation. The ranking is specific to Japan, which means that many of the titles included, including Sumiyoshi's series, have yet to receive English translations.


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This yearly poll, hosted by Anime Japan, is frequently used to set trends for future anime projects. Komi Can't Communicate, the 2020 winner, went on to create a successful anime series on Netflix. Many other titles, including Kaiju No. 8, Oshi no Ko, and the much-anticipated Solo Leveling, have ranked in the top ten and are now set to receive high-profile adaptations. The Ramparts of Ice (Kocha Agasawa) came in second, and Nito to Tazuka no Nichijo (Satoutoshio) came in third. Other popular manga titles include A Hidden Side to My Crush, Who Made Me a Princess, Be My Worst Nightmare!, Junket Bank, and others.

Hyperinflation Information

Hyperinflation follows Luke, a young boy who lives in a dark fantasy world where money is everything. His life is filled with struggle, as the Empire slave hunt kills his parents and his sister is about to be auctioned off. He does, however, develop the ability to generate money from his body, which allows him to save his sister by purchasing her out. Unfortunately, this power comes with drawbacks, and the series follows his efforts to gain freedom for himself, his sister, and his people through these pricey abilities.


Shnen Jump serializes Hyperinflation, which is free to read on Jump+, an online service that also includes Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man, and Dandadan. Furthermore, five collected volumes of the manga are currently available in Japan. However, at the time of writing, there is no English translation of Hyperinflation.

The release dates for upcoming anime projects based on manga included in this article are as follows: Kaiju No. 8 - 2024, Oshi no Ko - April 12, 2023 and Solo Leveling - winter 2024.

Source: Anime Senpai