In the world of anime, each and every character has their own hobbies and talents. From being star athletes to skillful artists, it is these characteristics that make them unique. One such talent that some of these fan-favorite characters share is the ability to play the violin.

Whether these talented violinists are from music-centric anime or their string playing is just a hobby, it makes them stand out from the crowd. It doesn't matter if they are the next musical genius like Vivaldi or just love the violin. Each one of these fan-favorite characters has a special affinity with this popular string instrument.

10 Brook The Musically Talented Skeleton (One Piece)

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Although Brook is best known for his humor in One Piece, it's his talent as a musician that sets him apart from the rest of his crew. The skeletal pirate has been known to play the piano, as well as shred the guitar. However, his most iconic instrument is the violin.

When fans first meet Brook the Humming Swordsman, the violin is his instrument of choice. He is always seen with the string instrument and can even put his foes to sleep with a single stroke of the bow. Also, Bink's Brew has never sounded better than played on Brook's violin.

9 Takumi Usui & His Secret Talent (Maid-Sama!)

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Takumi Usui is known for being multi-talented and for going out of his way to help or irritate the student council president, Misaki. So it should come as no surprise to Maid-Sama! fans that this blonde heartthrob can also skillfully play the violin.

Usui shows off this hidden musical talent in order to help Misaki and her co-workers. He plays a beautiful piece, despite being in pain from an arm injury. Although Usui's violin playing isn't a key quality to his character, the reveal of this talent just makes him more impressive.

8 Kaori Miyazono The Violin Virtuoso (Your Lie In April)

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When fans initially meet Kaori Miyazono in Your Lie In April, they along with the rest of Kaori's audience are blown away by her violin playing. With the goal of having her music reach the hearts of as many people as she can, Kaori is constantly playing and performing.

Kaori also sticks out from her fellow violinists, not due to just her talent or technical skill, but because she plays the music the way she wants to play it. This young virtuoso performs without any regard for the music's original composition. Kaori may not win any competitions playing this way, but it does let her shine in the spotlight.

7 The Heartfelt Melodies Of Momiji (Fruits Basket)

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This member of the Sohma family zodiac is known for his high energy and tendency to poke his nose in places it doesn't belong. However, like everything else in Fruits Basket, even Momiji has a side to himself that is rarely seen by others. One such example is his gift for the violin.

For Momiji, his violin playing is a talent that he shares with the little sister he hasn't had the chance to meet yet. And although circumstances keep them apart, it's through Momiji's violin that these two siblings connect with each other — at least until the time comes when they can truly meet face to face.

6 Ikuto Tsukiyomi The Mischievous Cat Who Loves The Violin (Shugo Chara!)

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When he isn't searching for the Embryo or causing mischief for Amu in Shugo Chara!, Ikuto Tsukiyomi can be found playing the violin. Like his father before him, Ikuto is also a talented violinist, and he pursues music as a means to connect to his missing father.

Not only does Ikuto's violin playing sound melodic and melancholy, but it also has special abilities as well. Sometimes when Ikuto plays his violin, he is able to extract Heart Eggs from others, making his music not only beautiful but also deadly if in the wrong hands.

5 The World Renowned Musical Genius Ugetsu Murata (Given)

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The anime Given is filled with talented artists, but when it comes to classical musicians, the violinist Ugetsu Murata stands out from the rest. Known as a prodigy and world-renowned violinist, Ugetsu's violin playing won him countless competitions.

Ugetsu's talent made him the musician his peers were inspired by and wanted to beat. Able to portray an array of emotions through his music with his passion for the instrument makes Ugetsu one of the most talented musicians to step into the spotlight.

4 Alan Stuart The Musically Inclined Prince (My Next Life As A Villainess)

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As the younger twin to the crown prince, Alan struggled to stand out against his overachieving brother. However, for this lead of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, his talents lie with music.

Able to spread his wings away from his brother and pursue his passion for music, Alan grows to be a talented musician of a variety of classical instruments. This prince particularly shines when playing the violin — especially when he gets roped into serenading Catarina's vegetable garden with his violin.

3 Michiru The Superhero With A Love For The Violin (Sailor Moon)

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When not saving the world as her alter ego, Sailor Neptune, Michiru Kaiou is usually seen practicing her violin. With a knack for the arts, Michiru has a close connection with the violin. Her talent for the string instrument can even be considered prodigal.

Not only does Michiru's violin playing sound beautiful and can capture the attention of everyone passing by, but it can also protect others. As Sailor Moon'sSailor Neptune, Michiru has been known to use her violin to produce a supersonic attack to defeat enemies and keep the public safe.

2 Seiji The Boy Who Lives & Breathes Violin (Whisper Of The Heart)

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An aspiring violin craftsman, Whisper Of The Heart's character, Seiji is constantly surrounded by violins. He tends to spend all of his time working on perfecting his craft and working towards his goal of making amazing violins. However, although his goal is to become a violin craftsman, Seiji is also talented at playing violins.

Seiji's ability to play the tune to Shizuku's song from memory and continue playing when other artists jumped in makes this aspiring violin craftsman also an impressive violinist. Seiji is definitely a character with a passion for violins and has the talent to not only create them but also play beautiful music.

1 Towa & Her Magical Passion For The Violin (Go! Princess Precure)

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Ever since she was a child, Go! Princess Precure's Princess Towa always had a love for the violin, practicing daily with her older brother. Even when brainwashed by Dyspear, she still had her connection to the string instrument, using it as a weapon.

However, her love of the violin allowed her not only to break away from Dyspear's control but also helped her to become Cure Scarlet. Towa's violin playing is not only magical but also some of the most beautiful music anyone will hear on earth or in the Hope Kingdom.

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