Music has always held a special power, and the influence of music in anime is no exception. Music can convey a specific emotion, bringing great joy or leaving listeners in tears. In the world of anime, music can sometimes become more than just simple enjoyment; it can become a physical power that saves the day.

From the core of music in its ability to bring people together to a more magical power that can be used to defeat evil, music has come through for the heroes when all hope seemed lost. No matter how music is used, it will always be a message of hope and power for good.

10 Music Defeats Disease (Macross Delta)

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In the world of Macross Delta, a disease called Vár Syndrome has spread across the galaxy. The main symptom of Vár Syndrome is an increase in aggression, turning those afflicted into mindless rage monsters. However, music has the ability to calm those affected by this disease and restore them to their original state.

The pop idol group Walküre has dedicated themselves to performing in the heat of battle to save those affected by Vár Syndrome. The power of their songs is what will save the galaxy.

9 Girl Group Saves Saga (Zombie Land Saga)

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With Saga's tourism decreasing over the years, it's up to a group of resurrected zombies to save their prefecture through music in Zombie Land Saga. From odd gigs like a chicken commercial to a charity concert dedicated to raising disaster relief funds, the idol group Franchouchou will do everything they can to save their home and become big names in the process.

Franchouchou continues their journey to save Saga, one concert at a time. Along the way, they realize that their music may hold more power than they originally believed.

8 One Song To Save The World (The Lost Song)

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The Lost Song features a world where songs hold the ability to manipulate the elements and heal. Rin dreams of going to the capital and singing, but she doesn't know that her songs hold a special power, and there are people who wish to use her for this power.

As Rin continues her journey to the capital, she uses her songs to help others, despite the danger it may put her in. Eventually, Rin is able to use her song to save the world and all her loved ones in it.

7 In A World Without Music (Takt Op. Destiny)

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In a world where dangerous monsters called D2s attack all music, society has turned its back on music and the hope it brings. Everyone except Takt Asahina has given up on living in a world with music.

As a talented pianist with music on the brain, Takt will do anything to play his music again. Even if that means dedicating himself as a composer and defeating the D2s with his Musicart partner Destiny. Takt and Destiny will use their beloved music in order to defeat the terrifying monsters and save the world from silence.

6 Magical Concerts Vs Dark Monsters (Show By Rock!!)

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Summoned into her favorite videogame, Cyan is thrown into a magical world of music where aliens, monsters, and adorable cat girls all live. As Cyan adapts to this new world and forms a band with her new friends, she learns that Dark Monsters are attacking music artists to obtain their Melodisian Stones.

She also learns that it's her responsibility to stop them with the power of her music. Thankfully with her band by her side, Cyan will use the music she's created with her friends to save Midi City and become the greatest band ever!

5 A Song Saves A Beast (Belle)

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Unable to sing after her mother's death, Suzu is finally able to use her voice in an online world known as "U." After a chance encounter with "The Dragon," a player being ridiculed by the masses for his violent behavior, Belle can't help but find a kindred spirit.

As tensions rise and "The Dragon" finds himself in danger, Belle uses the only power she has to save him, her voice. By facing her own fears and performing for everyone to see, Belle is able to save not only "The Dragon" but also herself.

4 A Concert To Change The World (Carole & Tuesday)

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As political tensions rise on the planet Mars, young artists Carole and Tuesday use the only tools they have to make a difference; their music. With the world around them slowly falling apart, Carole and Tuesday's music was able to bring other artists together.

Despite their varying backgrounds and genres, every artist Carole and Tuesday reached out to come together to perform for the people. Carole and Tuesday's performance was a call for change that reached the hearts of everyone, both on Earth and Mars.

3 Saved By The Music Of The Koto (Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds Of Life)

10 Times Music Saved The Day In Anime_7

After the loss of his grandfather, high school delinquent Chika has dedicated himself to turning over a new leaf and to mastering the koto. However, little does he know that his high school Koto Club is already on the brink of being shut down.

Thankfully, Chika isn't the only Tokise High School student with a love for music and the koto. As this rag-tag group of amateur musicians work hard together to overcome the various challenges in front of them and save their club, they also realize that the music created by the koto is saving them as well.

2 Healing Through Song (Healer Girl)

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In a world where song is a remedy just as powerful as medicine, high schoolers Kanna, Hibiki, and Reimi are working hard to become full-fledged Healers. As the girls continue their apprenticeship, they begin learning the trade of healing and the technical skills behind singing.

Kanna, Hibiki, and Reim even come face to face with patients with various illnesses and injuries. Dedicated to helping others no matter how taxing or dangerous, these girls will sing their hearts out in order to save whomever they can from suffering.

1 A Song To Save A King And A Kingdom (The World Is Still Beautiful)

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In a land with no rain ruled by an all-powerful and cruel monarch, Princess Nike is summoned to become his wife in order to obtain her rain-calling ability. Once face to face with her future fiancé, Livius, Nike realizes that the King of the World is no more than a boy who was hurt by the cruelty of the world.

Despite refusing to sing for her fiancé for his own amusement, it is Nike's song that saves him and his Sun Kingdom. Her song might have brought the rain, but it also showed Livius that, despite everything, the world is still beautiful.

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