One Piece 1110: What To Expect From The Chapter

Mar 07, 2024
All Five Elders arrive on Egghead to fight Luffy in One Piece 1110.
One Piece 1110: What To Expect From The Chapter


  • One Piece chapter 1110: Luffy faces the Five Elders, using Advanced Conqueror's Haki for a challenging battle.
  • Dorry and Brogy join Luffy, offering backup for the upcoming three versus five war against the Elders.
  • Luffy considers a strategic Egghead escape plan, needing to stay behind while the crew and Vegapunk flee.

One Piece chapter 1110 might well be one of the most anticipated chapters in the entirety of the Egghead Island arc, given the severity of the situation on this particular island right now. Currently, the Egghead Island Arc is in its very climax, with Luffy currently fighting against Saturn and Kizaru having been knocked out of the picture.

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The battle is now even more intense, especially now that a few intriguing individuals have joined the battlefield as well. Fans are incredibly excited to see what happens next, and what path Oda takes next for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirate Crew at the same time. One Piece chapter 1110 is going to be incredibly exciting, and one that is going to be certainly worth the wait.

The Five Elders Take Their Devil Fruit Forms

Fiver elders human zoan reveal one piece 1110

Towards the end of the previous chapter, fans got to see Luffy dominating Saturn and Kizaru in battle. While Luffy had taken this form, he was strong enough to hold back both Kizaru and Saturn simultaneously. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that, together, Kizaru and Saturn are stronger than one Emperor of the Sea, and despite that, Luffy is toying with them, and holding them at bay. Neither Kizaru nor Saturn can break free from Luffy completely dominating the battlefield.

At the same time, Vega Punk's announcement was going to take place in 10 minutes, as seen in the previous chapter, which meant that the Five Elders were desperate to stop the announcement from happening. As a result, Saturn managed to summon all the remaining Elders to Egghead, and now, Luffy is faced with all five of them together.

The very first thing that One Piece chapter 1110 is going to focus on is going to be the Devil Fruit forms of the Five Elders. Fans know that Saturn is a Ushi Oni and one of the strongest individuals in the entire world of One Piece. Similarly, all the other elders also have their monstrous transformations, and they will most likely show up in front of Luffy in the upcoming chapter. Given that Saturn immediately took to his demonic form when he used the summoning circle to appear on Egghead a dozen chapters ago, it would make sense to assume that the other Elders are going to be taking their Devil Fruit forms as well. As such, One Piece chapter 1110 is going to be incredible, as it is going to focus on the Devil Fruit transformation of these Elders and give the fans a glimpse of what forms they truly hold, deep down.

Luffy vs The Five Elders

saturn full zoan spider form five elders vs luffy one piece 1110

One Piece chapter 1110 is most certainly going to focus on Luffy's battle against the Five Elders. In the previous chapter, Luffy was dominating the fight against Saturn and Kizaru, and while it is expected for Luffy to hold back one or even two of the Five Elders, taking on all five at the same time is something that he cannot do easily. Still, Luffy, as strong as he is, will most likely try to fight back against them, and utilize his powers to the fullest extent. Fans will most definitely see Luffy attempt to use the maximum available powers that he has. This means Luffy will finally start making use of Advanced Conqueror's Haki in battle, and this is one aspect of power that he doesn't seem to be utilizing all that often.

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Utilizing this power might even hold the key to damaging the Five Elders. As seen previously, Luffy could not damage Saturn, no matter what he did. All his attacks are very strong, and he even surpasses Saturn in terms of physical prowess or Devil Fruit ability. However, despite all that, whatever he does simply does not faze the Elder. This means Saturn has unlimited regeneration, however, there certainly has to be a catch to it. Perhaps, the secret to breaking through is the Conqueror's Haki Infusion technique.

Dorry And Brogy Join The Battle

dorry and brogy join the egghead war one piece 1110

Luffy will most likely struggle to fight against all Five Elders at the same time. This is an undeniable fact that fans need to accept at this point in the story. For Luffy, taking on all Five Elders at the same time is not possible. In fact, no character in One Piece can face all Five Elders at the same time and expect to win the battle. These unreasonable expectations should not be placed on Luffy either. As such, One Piece chapter 1110 will most certainly see Luffy receiving some backup in this fight, because otherwise, there is no way that he's going to be able to win the fight that he is currently involved in.

To that end, fans know that backup in the form of Dorry and Brogy is currently on the way, and these two giants will most likely appear to help Luffy against the Five Elders. Of course, Sanji is also not too far away from Luffy, however, he currently has Vegapunk in his hands and he simply cannot give up on him to join the battle against the Elders. It would make sense for Sanji to first drop Vegapunk at the decided meet-up point, and then head back into battle. For now, that doesn't seem to be all that likely, which means that Dorry and Borgy are going to be the main form of support that Luffy will receive, possibly in One Piece chapter 1110. With that, a three versus five battle will most likely commence on Egghead, with the tides still being in the favor of the Five Elders, given that Dorry and Brogy are not all that powerful.

The Egghead Escape Plan Continues

straw hat egghead escape one piece 1110

Right now, things on Egghead look incredibly dire, and it is impossibly difficult for Luffy to take on everyone by himself. As such, the best thing that Luffy can do right now is to stay behind on Egghead, while allowing the crew, as well as Vegapunk, to escape. Luffy will most likely decide on this in the upcoming chapters of the story. Dorry and Brogy will most likely stay behind with him, and the Giant Pirates will be captained by none other than Oimo and Kashi in the meantime. There is a big possibility that the Straw Hat Pirates might have to leave Egghead without Luffy, given that if Luffy decides to run back to the ship here, all the Elders will inevitably attack everyone and this will lead to loss of life.

Luffy needs to stay behind to hold these powerful monsters at bay, and Dorry and Brogy will most likely aid him in doing that. As such, fans might see Luffy issuing a command to his group to hurry up and make preparations for an escape without him, which would make sense given the dire circumstances that they are in at the moment.

One Piece will be available on Manga Monster in English translation for free with high-quality images. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1110, is set to be March 17, 2024.



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