What Anime Character Are You Filter on Tiktok and How to Set up

Jan 04, 2023
The most recent filter "What anime character are you" trend on TikTok is kind of freaky but really cute.
What Anime Character Are You Filter on Tiktok and How to Set up


What is the Anime Character Are You Filter Trending on Tiktok?


On TikTok, a new filter that allows users to transform themselves into anime characters is currently trending.

The app has a lot of anime filters, but this one stands out from the rest because it reacts to your features and facial expressions.

This filter creates the illusion that you are a character straight out of Japanese animation, so if you've ever wondered what you'd look like as an anime character, this is the closest you're ever going to get.

However, a lot of users have been perplexed about how to get the well-known filter because it's actually only available on TikTok! How to obtain it is detailed here.


How Do You Get the AI Manga Filter on TikTok?

Step to set up Anime Character Are You Filter on Tiktok: 

  1. Open up TikTok on your smartphone or you can click on this link
  2. Press the "+" symbol to create a new content
  3. Then you choose "Effects" button
  4. Go into the "search" feature and either type out "AI Manga" or scroll until you see that filter listed.
  5. Then, click on "Use effect".
  6. Film your video using the filter and save it to your camera roll.

Have fun and enjoy the moments with Anime Character Are You on Tiktok!


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