TOP 10 strongest characters in the Anime world

By: tom Nov 22, 2022
Here are the top 10 strongest anime characters by Fan Vote; their terrible power can discard all enemies. Are they really that strong? Let's Animeranku research them?
TOP 10 strongest characters in the Anime world

Who is the strongest character in manga and anime? is always a topic for fans to debate. Most of them are the strongest characters in their stories. However, when compared with each other, who is worthy of the title of the strongest character? Let's find out with Animeranku.

10. Alucard (Hellsing's Strongest Character) 

Thanks to his impressive soul collection, Alucard becomes more or less invincible at the start of Hellsing. However, according to the end of the series, he exists everywhere and nowhere, making it completely impossible to kill him. This makes those who confront him tremble in fear. So neither the Levi from "Attack of Titans" nor the Shigeo from "The Mod Psycho" appear first on this list.

Alucard is an unstoppable killer, with a wide array of abilities at his disposal. His superhuman speed and strength allow him to tear through enemies with his bare hands, while also making it incredibly difficult for his victims to retaliate. He's every bit as deadly with weapons too, with his trusty pair of handguns having dispatched their fair share of souls over the years.


9. Yhwach (Bleach's Strongest Character)

Being the Son of the Soul King, the fact that Yhwach possessed a variety of special abilities, but his capacity to impart pieces of his soul to other living things by just touching them stood out. He was able to nurture new skills and talents for himself in this way, which he was later able to regain and employ against his adversaries.

Though Ichigo eventually defeats Yhwach, this is due to the hero's superior intelligence over the villain, not strength. Yhwach could have ended existence and the never-ending cycle of life and death if he had just killed his enemy when he got the opportunity. With the strength of The Almighty allows its wielder to rewrite the future — at his disposal, there may well be a version of reality in which he did just that.


8. Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto's Strongest Character)

Naruto has come up against some powerful villains over the years, but none quite as deadly as the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya. After consuming the fruit of the God Tree and then later merging with the God Tree itself, she became the Ten-Tails, granting her a wide array of powers that make her nigh-on unstoppable in battle.

Though Kaguya initially uses these abilities to protect her former clan and her sons, she's eventually consumed by the power, much like the Chakra fruit was once consumed by her. After her heart has been lost to darkness, she uses her ability to read and manipulate minds almost exclusively for immoral acts; causing untold pain and destruction. To be able to confront the strongest character in the Anime, Naruto and Sasuke had to work together to fight her.


7. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer's Strongest Character) 

Given his status as the leader of the Twelve Kizuki, not to mention, King of the demons, Muzan Kibutsuji's reputation for chaos and carnage is already fairly well established at this point in the Demon Slayer anime. Even if it weren't though, his ability to control anyone with his demonic blood coursing through their veins almost makes him the strongest character. He has an unstoppable army of demons right at his fingertips, and, unlike a regular army, there's zero chance of a mutiny.

Muzan's an incredibly accomplished fighter in his own right though, with his superhuman strength allowing him to tear through the Hashira ranks with relative ease. Even if one of them did somehow manage to get close enough to catch him off guard, his immortality and Biokinetic abilities serve as the ultimate safety net. It's not like the Hashira can just wait him out either, as, just for good measure, Muzan also possesses eternal youth.


6. Griffith (Berserk's Strongest Character)

There isn't really much to pick between Griffith and Guts, yet the former barely beats out his old buddy owing to the extreme measures he takes to get control. Griffith is one of Berserk's greatest and most complicated characters because of his willingness to sacrifice his friends and allies in order to become Femto. This kind of cruelty is uncommon in anime.

Griffith's actions at the Tower of Rebirth offer more than simply a dramatic and startling setpiece. They also represent the character losing the last of his humanity, along with some of the significant flaws that so frequently accompany having empathy for others. Although Guts' affection for Casca and his friends does at times make him stronger, but the anger that Griffith is able to evoke by targeting these people perfectly highlights the double-edged nature of love.


5.  Tetsuo Shima (Akira's Strongest Character) 

Tetsuo is the main antagonist in the Akira anime series; he was once "Main's" best friend. Possessing an overwhelming amount of power in terms of "psychic," he was unable to control them, leading to his explosive power creating a series of psychic explosions and posing a threat to the universe. Fortunately, Akira was able to transport him to another dimension in time before anything disastrous happened to the chaos. What makes Tetsuo so terrifyingly powerful is that he can never control or exploit his full potential. If he has mastered his abilities, it is impossible to predict how he will "sweep" the world with his purpose.

4. Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) 

Anos, the protagonist of Anime Misfit of Demon King Academy, has lived for over 2,000 years. He is the embodiment of the first and most powerful demon king. Therefore, every time he joins the war, he possesses quite a lot of breakthrough power. In addition to his lightning speed and incredible strength, Anos is also capable of using a wide variety of magic and is able to destroy anything with a single glance. He was also able to master the magic sword created by Venuzdonoa, which was created using the body of the God of Destruction. As terrifying as Anos's magical eyes, this blade can also wreak havoc.


3. Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Strongest Character) 

Giorno Giovanna possesses the power of "golden experience"; this magic can create life for objects and automatically "counterattack" attacks on him. In addition, it can also "regenerate," heal wounds, and restore body parts. This upgrade to the Stand is even more powerful, making Giorno immediately enter the list of "super strong" characters in the anime. Giorno's "Golden Experience Requiem" will erase everything. All of the opponent's reasoning and attacks will be erased, allowing him to "prevent" all threats to himself. Therefore, Giorno will never be "injured" or put in a difficult situation.


2. Son Goku (Dragon Ball's Strongest Character)

Son Goku, the Super Saiyan, is an important character who is always the earth's savior in the face of countless casualties. Thanks to the power and potential available from the Saiyan blood flowing in him, Songoku grows more and more and strives to become stronger and stronger. His current strength is "beyond" outer space. Become one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball and in anime in general. Second only to Bills and Whis in the seventh universe


1. Saitama (One Punch Man's Strongest Character)

Due to the nature of this One Punch Man anime, we can completely "nod" to the assessment that Saitama is the strongest character of all time, ranked. Unlike Goku and the heroic characters in other movies, they are often cornered by evil to unleash their strength or have to practice hard every day. Saitama can knock down enemies with a single "punch" without breaking a sweat. In other anime, characters with terrible powers will all face "troubles" when they always have to meet worthy and equal opponents. And he had to fight a fierce battle to distinguish between victory and defeat, and Saitama was always number one in his abilities, and no one could ever "monopolize" his throne. 


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