Even though Kurogiri's arrival into the final battle of My Hero Academia was long overdue, it still managed to serve as the impetus for some of the most thrilling developments to take place during the conflict. After spending months behind bars thanks to the Pro Heroes, Kurogiri has effortlessly returned to his previous position while working for All For One.

He has unified the League of Villains and thoroughly undermined the heroes' "divide and conquer" plan in a matter of seconds. Here's how the return of the demonic gang in Chapter 374 can impact how MHA's tale develops.


In My Hero Academia 374, Kurogiri Reunited the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia 374: The Original League of Villains Is Back - and Deadlier Than Ever_0

The Pro Heroes made it their main mission to make sure the League of Villains was never involved in this battle as a group before it started. The Warp Gate that Kurogiri created was cloned by Neito Monoma, who then utilized it to transfer the different League members to strategically planned battlegrounds. The key to triumph lay in eliminating them as soon as possible before the bad guys could regroup, but with Kurogiri's reawakening, that route to victory could be entirely blocked.

In the Pro Heroes' defense, given the starting conditions, their plan appeared like a certain conclusion. Despite Kurogiri's intervention just now, it has already had some success. The antagonist is little more than a bundle of flames, flesh, and sinew thanks to Dabi and Shoto Todoroki, even if their fight hasn't yet produced a clear victor.. Dabi continues to defy all the odds of his expected survival to maintain his spite-fueled campaign against Endeavor, and Kurogiri has finally brought him face-to-face with his father.

Dabi wasn’t the only League member Kurogiri transported to the Gunga Villa ruins. Under instructions All For One entrusted to Spinner for delivery, Kurogiri transported two clones of Toga transformed into Twice to that battlefront as well. Twice’s reappearance confirms that Dabi’s hypothesis was correct when he gifted a vial of their deceased friend's blood to Toga. When the shapeshifter transforms into Twice, she is also able to use his extremely dangerous Double Quirk.


What Impact Will Chapter 374 Have on the Final War in My Hero Academia?Kurogiri throwing Present Mic into Eraserhead and Monoma

After restructuring the Gunga Villa showdown, Kurogiri’s next target was naturally UA. He teleported both himself and Present Mic straight into the platform from which the Erasure Team kept All For One hostage. His return was greeted by All For One’s proclamation of his faith in a person’s emotions; possibly a taunt about Oboro Shirakumo -- who seems to be lost forever -- while reuniting his old friend group in a dark twist of fate. The distraction he brings might force Monoma to finally blink, and would allow All For One full use of his Quirks for the first time since he began battling Deku.

Twice’s reappearance, although expected, raises some questions about the well-being of Uraraka Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui, who were last seen battling Toga. If Toga really has unleashed a Sad Girl’s Parade already, the two clones confronting Endeavor and Hawks just might be harbingers of the one-man army currently besieging Okuto Island Aquarium.

Twice reborn in Toga’s skin and Dabi finally ready to face his father for the last time might be the closest the League of Villains get to a reunion before My Hero Academia ends. With Twice’s doubling ability, who knows? Toga might even conjure up Magne and Mr. Compress in order to complete the full squad.