Latest Spoiler chap 1067 One Piece: Vegapunk ate devil fruit. CP0 attack Egghead island

Nov 15, 2022
The latest details about chapter 1067 onepiece are revealed. Will Luffy help vegapunk protect Egghead Island from CP0
Latest Spoiler chap 1067 One Piece: Vegapunk ate devil fruit. CP0 attack Egghead island

Chapter 1066 Summary

After the government discovered that scholars were working on the forbidden Poneglyph and the Empty Century, they ordered the destruction of the island via Buster Call. Among the vice admirals sent to carry out the attack were Sakazuki and Kuzan. The government then used the media to accuse the residents of Ohara, saying they were trying to use forbidden knowledge for global destruction, as some Poneglyphs also contain information about the ancient weapons. The only survivor of Ohara is Nico Robin, who is considered a criminal because of his ability to read Poneglyph. Ohara's vast library of books was brought to Elbaf by a group of giants. This huge group is led by "a full body bandage" (most likely, this full-body bandage is Jaguar D. Saul).

The original Vegapunk appears, and Luffy meets up with the original Vegapunk.

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Spoiler Chapter 1067 One Piece

The Genesis 66 story continues on the cover, with Judge and Caesar fighting each other. - Vegapunk is a born genius, and at the same time he also ate a devil fruit called Nou Nou. The word "nou" here means "brain" in Japanese. Vegapunk has a super memory and the ability to store infinite information thanks to the ability of the Nou Nou fruit. This is also the reason why he has such an oversized head. The area inside the egg at the top of Egghead Island is called Punk Records, and it's built entirely from Vegapunk's super-intelligent brain.


The ancient robot that Luffy's group found in the previous chapter was created in the Drum Age. And 200 years ago, it was used to fight the world government. It seems that this issue is also related to something fishy. -A man's incident that happened at the same time: CP0 prepares to land on Egghead Island in the name of returning Seraphim Kuma, but is rejected by the island owner. Shaka informed the remaining five Vegapunks that they were all ready to fight. In Kamabakka Kingdom, where the Revolutionary Army was stationed, Kuma suddenly jumped up and ran somewhere.

No Chapter next week.

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