Details chap 1066 One Piece: Dragon with a connection to Ohara

By: Tom Nov 09, 2022
More and more interesting information surrounding the Ancient Kingdom has been revealed, here are the new developments in the manga One Piece chapter 1066 Spoiler.
Details chap 1066 One Piece: Dragon with a connection to Ohara

One Piece manga chapter 1066 has the translation title "Ohara's Will" (Robin's hometown).

Dragon and Vegapunk are both acquainted with Ohara's Professor Clover. The two of them went to Ohara after learning that the place had been wiped out by the world government. Ohara's obliteration gave Dragon impetus to establish the Revolutionary Army. It seems that Dragon also knows quite a few secrets about the Drum Century, along with the Ancient Kingdom and its connection to Professor Clover. For those unfamiliar, Ohara is an island in West Blue. The island is mainly composed of archaeologists and is also the birthplace of Nico Robin. The island was utterly destroyed eight years later by Buster Call. Ohara was a country for 5000 years when the Tree of Knowledge was planted on the island itself. For millennia, scholars and archaeologists thrived there, learning about history within limits allowed by the World Government. Nico Olvia, an archaeologist, leaves the island on an expedition to learn more about the Void Century and meets Jaguar D. Saul. Saul helped her escape the government's pursuit, and the two fled to Ohara.

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After the government discovered that scholars were working on the forbidden Poneglyph and the Empty Century, they ordered the destruction of the island via Buster Call. Among the vice admirals sent to carry out the attack were Sakazuki and Kuzan. The government then used the media to accuse the residents of Ohara, saying they were trying to use forbidden knowledge for global destruction, as some Poneglyphs also contain information about the ancient weapons. The only survivor of Ohara is Nico Robin, who is considered a criminal because of his ability to read Poneglyph. Ohara's vast library of books was brought to Elbaf by a group of giants. This huge group is led by "a full body bandage" (most likely, this full-body bandage is Jaguar D. Saul).

The original Vegapunk appears, and Luffy meets up with the original Vegapunk.

Vegapunk Original: "Son of Dragon!" I know you'll come anyway.

Maybe, there will be another story next week.

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