Jujutsu Kaisen 252: What To Expect From The Chapter

Feb 19, 2024
Jujutsu Kaisen 252 has the attention of every single fan, simply because the last chapter was spectacular and it left the fans on the edge, waiting for more to see how the story continues from here onwards. Is it going to be quite intriguing as it will most certainly cover the amazing battle fought between Sukuna and Maki.
Jujutsu Kaisen 252: What To Expect From The Chapter



  • Jujutsu Kaisen 252 is a must-read for fans, featuring the much-awaited Sukuna vs. Maki battle.
  • Maki's surprise attack on Sukuna with Split Soul Katana poses a real threat to the King of Curses.
  • Yuta and Yuji may survive Sukuna's deadly attack thanks to their reverse cursed technique, setting up a potential return.

Yuta sustained heavy damage from Sukuna in the latest JJK chapter.

Fans have been waiting for this incredible clash for many months now and finally, it is here. This battle will largely be covered in the upcoming chapter, with bits about other characters being revealed here and there. Of course, fans are eagerly waiting to see how JJK chapter 252 shapes up and what incredible plot points it raises.

Maki Vs Sukuna Begins

One thing that fans can be absolutely certain about when it comes to JJK chapter 252 is the fight between Maki and Sukuna finally begins. At the end of the previous chapter, Sukuna started taking the upper hand in his battle against Yuta and UG. Technically, Sukuna would certainly have been defeated and potentially killed had Megumi cooperated with Yuji. Everything went according to their plan, however, in the end, when Yuji had to wake up Megumi, he did not give them his hand. This was simply down to the fact that his will to live had been destroyed, especially after knowing that he had killed his sister as well as his teacher.

Megumi no longer wanted to be alive and that is precisely why everything fell apart in the end. Sukuna took this opportunity to retaliate with his world bisecting dismantle, and he dealt a tremendous blow to Yuji, Yuta, and Rila, all at once. At the same time, Yuta's domain started to break, and much to the surprise of the fans, that is precisely when Maki entered the battle and struck a powerful blow from behind. Maki pierced Sukuna right through his back, in a manner similar to how Toji attacked Gojo in Hidden Inventory. In fact, it is quite clear for the fans to see that a parallel is being set up here, which is certainly amusing.

Normally, Sukuna would have noticed an attack like that, however, currently, he's in a much weaker state, and as a result, his senses have dulled quite a bit. At the same time, Maki used the perfect opportunity to attack, and knowing her skill as a fighter, fans know that she is fully capable of dealing these deadly blows to anyone, even the King of Curses, Sukuna.

Sukuna Weakens Even Further



Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 252 is most certainly going to continue the incredible battle between Maki and Sukuna. Although Maki managed to stab him, Sukuna will most certainly retaliate. Fans should keep in mind that Maki used the Split Soul Katana on Sukuna and this blade ignores all defenses and attacks the soul directly. As a result, Sukuna is going to be taking soul damage, which is very difficult to recover from and something that every character in the story has been wary of. Furthermore, taking damage to the soul is very deadly for Sukuna, given that he is not in his own body and, just as was the case with Yuji, taking soul based attacks is going to shake him to his very core, and weaken him quite a lot, along with his cursed energy output and control over Megumi's body. That is precisely what Maki has already accomplished in the previous chapter and will continue to do so as the fight progresses.


Megumi's fate is still unclear in JJK. However, there is still hope for this beloved character.

Fans should fully expect Maki and Sukuna to engage in physical combat in JJK chapter 252. Maki's incredible speed will be put to the test again, as will her amazing strength, and her resilience. It should be kept in mind that Maki is not like the other JJK Sorcerers who have fought Sukuna. All of them have access to reverse cursed technique and, as a result, they can heal from any and all injuries that they were met with. In the case of Maki, this can't be true. Maki does not possess any cursed energy and, as a result, she can't utilize reverse cursed technique, so recovering from these attacks is going to be impossible.

JJK chapter 252 will most likely highlight that and will show fans a different way for Maki to fight, where she doesn't take any damage at all, especially from techniques such as Cleave or Dismantle.

That said, Maki will take some injuries from Sukuna, however, they would likely not be lethal, at least not in the upcoming chapter. Maki will likely also deliver some blows to Sukuna using her Split Soul Katana. As she does that, Sukuna's control over Megumi's body is likely going to weaken even further. Perhaps, Maki might even be able to wake Megumi up before she is cut off properly, which would be highly beneficial to her group.

Yuta and Yuji's Fate

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 252 could very well also tackle the fate of Yuta and Yuji. In the previous chapter, as most mentioned earlier, both of them were met with a very powerful world bisecting dismantle. This attack is one of the strongest that Sukuna has in his arsenal and it is the same attack that killed Gojo. At the end of the previous chapter, it was clear that both Yuta and Yuji ended up sustaining terrible damage. Yuta appears to have lost his hand, and was sliced right across the chest, with the cut appearing towards the back as well. This means the cut is very deep and he is likely not going to be strong enough to simply brush it off. In the case of Yuji, the same logic applies. What fans can be sure of is that Yuta and Yuji are not going to die. They will be severely incapacitated and that is what fans will find out in JJK get chapter 252.

Given that both of them have access to reverse cursed technique, they will likely start healing themselves, however, the rate of the reverse cursed technique is likely going to be slow, which means that they will not be rejoining the battle anytime soon. The reason as to why they can survive the world bisecting dismantle is simply because Sukuna is not at his best and his own cursed energy output is very low at this point. This would make it possible for them to survive this deadly attack, and thankfully, give hope to the fans that they will rejoin the battle once again.

It is unlikely for them to join the battle in JJK chapter 252, however, a return could be set up towards the end of the next chapter, which is something that fans are eagerly waiting for at this point already. JJK chapter 252 has a lot of other entertaining plot points left for the fans to witness as well, and it will certainly be a blast when the series returns. Unfortunately, JJK is going on a break once again, which means that fans will have to wait 2 weeks for the story to progress.


Jujutsu Kaisen will be available on Manga Monster in English translation for free with high-quality images. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 252, is set to be March 3, 2024.


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