Naruto primarily follows the young Naruto Uzumaki, an outcast in his village due to having the spirit of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed away inside of him, as he attempts to prove himself to those who have always looked down on him. He meets countless others along the way, each with their own distinct appearance and personality. Even in an action-based shonen, there are plenty of characters within the Naruto universe who can best be described as cute.

Some are terrifying villains who strike fear into even the hearts of seasoned jonin, while others are cool-and-collected ninjas who can keep their calm in the worst of situations. Whether it's through their appearance, personality, or a mix of both, it's hard to deny these charmingly cute Naruto characters.

10 Temari Is Softened Through Her Relationship With Shikamaru

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When Temari is first introduced at the start of the Chunin Exams, she immediately comes across as the most confident, cocky young kunoichi of the bunch. Not only does Temari talk a big game, but she more than has the skills to back up her words.

It isn't until Temari begins to form a relationship with Shikamaru that the cool-and-confident Temari would ultimately show a cuter side to the audience. When Choji is shown teasing Temari and Shikamaru with mentions of a honeymoon, both of them break out into adorable blushes, with Temari going quiet out of embarrassment.

9 Shizune Takes Her Bond With Tsunade More Seriously Than Anything

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Tsunade may be one of the three Legendary Sannin and one of the most powerful kunoichi on the planet, but she still needs someone like Shizune to help keep her out of trouble. This is a job that the latter happily does, making caring for Tsunade and helping keep her on track Shizune's utmost priority.

Though typically a calm and level-headed kunoichi, Shizune is prone to fits of anger when anyone dares to badmouth Tsunade. It's a testament to how close they are and how much Shizune values the other despite her bad habits, and their bond is incredibly cute.

8 Sasori Retains His Youthful Appearance Despite His Age

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Although Sasori is in his mid-thirties by the time he goes up against Lady Chiyo and Sakura, appearance-wise, it's as if Sasori hasn't aged a day since he was a teenager. This is due to the puppet body that he equips himself with, enabling him to retain the appearance he had as a teenager.

This ability may make Sasori appear incredibly cute, but it's also a powerful tool that grants him near-invulnerability. As long as the tiny, concealed core on the left side of Sasori's chest remains intact, he can withstand any injury, and even transport himself into another body if his current one becomes unusable.

7 Tenten Asserts Her Strength While Still Being Adorable

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Tenten is sadly known for having one of the smallest amounts of screen time out of the entire Naruto cast, but she still manages to cement herself as incredibly cute throughout her scattered appearances. She isn't as serious as Neji, or as hyperactive as Lee and Guy — instead, Tenten is the more laid-back member of the group who helps to even things out.

That is, unless the matter at hand involves Tenten's love of ninja tools in some way. Tenten loves them so much that she collects every unique weapon she can find, and even opens a ninja tool shop of her own as she gets older. Her dorky habit of excitedly collecting every ninja tool she can find is relatable to many viewers with large merchandise collections of their own.

6 Sakura Remains Cute Even After Developing Monstrous Strength

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Throughout Part One of Naruto, the overall fan opinion of Sakura is that she's basically useless compared to her teammates, Naruto and Sasuke. She cares more about looking cute and appealing to Sasuke than taking her training seriously, but this is an attitude that she's forced to grow out of following the Chunin Exams arc.

Even after training under Tsunade for several years and gaining access to her monstrous strength — as well as inheriting her temper — Sakura still manages to be incredibly cute. This is especially true in moments where she's taken by surprise and gets flustered, such as when she sees Naruto for the first time since their several years spent apart.

5 Kushina's Conflicting Appearance & Personality Make Her Quite Endearing

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Kushina has always been well-known for her beauty, and on the outside, she looks to be someone with a warm, caring temperament. Underneath this, though, lies a fiery temper that she retains from her childhood, which causes her to act in a manner similar to Sakura when she becomes enraged, becoming violent with those around her.

Thankfully — and also similarly to Sakura — these bouts of violence are mostly used for comedic effect, meaning Kushina never really does any lasting damage. Instead, the disconnect between her soft outward appearance and her fierce inner temper helps to add to her charm.

4 Hanabi Adores Hinata More Than Anything

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It's easy to assume that, because of Hanabi taking over Hinata's position as the next heiress of the Hyuga Clan, there would be bad blood between them. Thankfully, this isn't the case, as Hanabi is shown to adore her older sister more than anything, even after she's deemed unfit to be the Hyuga heiress.

Not only is Hanabi incredibly fond of her sister, but Hanabi is shown to be one of the few Hyuga members early on to accept, and even support, the budding relationship between Hinata and Naruto. She has a playful, teasing side that she most often lets out around her elder sister, showing how comfortable they are with each other.

3 Haku Deceives With His Soft, Innocent Appearance

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Haku is one of the first antagonists introduced in Naruto alongside Zabuza, and he also manages to be one of the most adorable. Naruto himself even notes that he finds Haku to be even prettier than Sakura, who he's crushing on hard at the time.

Haku may have an incredibly beautiful, feminine appearance, but this is something that he coldly uses to his advantage. Since Haku typically wears a mask and has his hair up during combat, he uses his actual appearance to deceive his enemies and gather information about them without them realizing Haku's true identity.

2 Hinata's Quiet Demeanor & Confident Side Are Both Compelling

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Out of the entire Konoha Eleven, Hinata has more growth than almost any of her peers. This is due to just how shy she is in the beginning — her cheeks can flush just thinking about her crush, and she's shown to react as extremely as to pass out if Naruto gets too close without her expecting it.

Hinata blooms into a confident kunoichi over time, becoming someone who can even stand up against the Akatsuki to defend her love if she has to. Her ability to push past her own personal limits for the one she loves is incredibly endearing and only adds to Hinata's cuteness.

1 Even As A Child, Tsunade Is An Extroverted Gambler

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Lady Tsunade of the three Legendary Sannin might grow up to be one of the most devastatingly powerful kunoichi in existence, but even she has to have a childhood. Hashirama, her grandfather, heavily doted on her as a child, finding her gambling habit to be amusing.

Aside from becoming more responsible with age — and developing a fondness for alcohol — there isn't much difference between young Tsunade and her elder counterpart. Even as a child, Tsunade is shown to be incredibly extroverted as well as reckless with her money. She's also shown to have more of a playful, teasing side around Jiraiya as a child, and their interactions are incredibly cute.

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