Just two episodes into the long-awaited Chainsaw Man anime, protagonist Denji is already cutting a polarizing figure. He's a truly badass warrior thanks to his "devil" dog, Pochita, living inside his soul. At the same time he's quite immature and careless, making it seem like he's just not cut out for battle. That said, Denji is a highly sympathetic character, given his impoverished life and all the loss he's endured -- and now, Makima's Public Safety Unit is weaponizing his skills as a hunter in a cruel manner.

It makes viewers want to root for him, but his nonchalant attitude still makes it feel like he's a self-destructive brat. Denji now has to step up more than ever, as his boss and crush, Makima, has made it clear that he'll be slaughtered if he doesn't deliver timely kills. Sadly, Denji has a couple other problems arising with his colleagues that could easily lead to his head being placed on a spike.


Chainsaw Man's Hayakawa Hates All Devils. Really

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Denji is assigned to Unit 4, which is under the supervision of Hayakawa. However, on their first mobile patrol, they fight in a back alley because Hayakawa sees him as a whiny child. Denji is obviously acting just for financial gain and is also acting perversely around Makima, so he simply cannot tolerate how much trust and responsibility have been put in him.

When they return, Makima encourages them to put the argument behind them, although this might cause issues later. After Denji kills a target during a mission, Hayakawa confesses he despises all devils, even the hybrid devils assigned to the team. Denji will need to keep an eye on his family because the devils slaughtered his family. It's easy to see Hayakawa literally backstabbing him in the name of revenge and framing it all as a devil's demonic assault.


The chainsaw's power brings a lot of misfortune to him

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Hayakawa and Makima eventually partner Denji with Power, a devil-hybrid, but she's totally uncontrollable in the field. She ambushes a giant demon and mercilessly slaughters it, but it was another hunter's target. She's not supposed to be encroaching on other people's territory like this, but given her superiority complex, she doesn't care. Thus, it's easy to see the fraternity turning on her as Chainsaw Man continues.

Given Denji is her partner and also a hybrid, these hunters can actually think they're doing the society a favor by taking out folks who have demons in their blood and are affecting their bounties. Denji will have to talk Power down about being a liability and get her to exhibit patience over these contracts; life's hard enough as it is tracking and ending demons on their own. Ultimately, they shouldn't be making enemies within their own circle -- especially knowing folks like Hayakawa won't mind covering up any sort of betrayal, as they think the world's better off without any form of devils.

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