The following includes spoilers for Chainsaw Man's second episode, "Arrival in Tokyo," which can be watched right now on Crunchyroll.

How Denji quickly comes off as a one-man army after only one episode is one of the Chainsaw Man anime's most interesting qualities. He has defeated a number of demonic "devils," demonstrating his determination to protect his late pet Pochita. He'll find a way to get by, make money, and have fun while letting the dog live through him.


Chainsaw Man's Denji Can Leave... Only If He's Dead

Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Unit Is a Suicide Squad Remix_0

Makima, as cute and funny as she is with Denji, makes it clear she only wants "dogs" who say yes to missions -- or else they'll be "euthanized." Denji doesn't make much of it at first, but she's clearly referring to taking in strays, and if they're disobedient, her task force will put them down. It's akin to Amanda Waller in Task Force X, forcing her Suicide Squad into missions, or else she'll blow their heads off using neural bombs. In Makima's case, she's got a division of agents as punishment and only she can dictate when the enslavement ends.

The thing is, Chainsaw Man's Makima couches her sly side much better than the often-angry Waller in Suicide Squad. Makima also knows she's got Denji wrapped around her finger, so she doesn't mind sending mixed messages as this puppet master robbing people of their agency. Later on, she also tells Denji and his new partner -- a hybrid of a human and devil known as Power -- that they need to work together and complete their hunting missions or else they'll be killed, too. It's a very direct assault on their freedom, and could result in Denji and Power someday turning on their handlers.


Chainsaw Man's Suicide Squad Could Redeem Its Boss

Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Unit Is a Suicide Squad Remix_1

Despite Makima's stern attitude thus far in Chainsaw Man, it might be a front. She does seem to genuinely like Denji and want to take care of him, but she has to play up her corporate role -- especially in a Japan teeming with devils. Maybe she'll grow tired of the past and all the killings, or maybe Denji will convince her to turn a new leaf and be more humane. It's vague at present, but Denji provides a chance for Makima to really become a better person.

Sadly, if this ensues, the handler Hayakawa might not like what's transpiring. Makima has him in charge of Denji and Power directly, but he hates it as he lost his family to devils. Thus, if Makima is sympathizing with these tools and weapons of mass destruction, it could stir civil war and an eventual coup. After all, Hayakawa wants those associated with devils dead, so if Makima loses her Waller edge, she might join the list as well.