Meghan Markle Is Terrified Of Being BLAMED For Keeping The Kids Away From Royal Family

Apr 19, 2024
Meghan Markle Is Terrified Of Being BLAMED For Keeping The Kids Away From Royal Family

The royal expert believes that Meghan isn't very keen to attend the wedding and Harry won't go alone!

Anxiety has engulfed Meghan Markle about her children not getting acquainted with their royal kin. The Sussexes have been chilling in Sunny California with their kids after bidding adieu to royal life back in 2020. Prince Archie was just one when they made the big move across the pond.

As for Lilibet, Montecito has been home sweet home since day one. So, now the Duchess is worried sick that her kids might miss out on the fun and dreamy royal life! Dive in to know more!

Meghan Markle Frets Over the Current Royal Situation

Talking about Meghan Markle being all anxious, Thomas Quinn told The Mirror, “She is also really worried that her children will have no real relationship of any kind with their cousins.” These include Kate’s kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis. The friend also revealed that Meghan is on board with the idea of a big, happy family. Moreover, she can’t stand folks labelling her family as dysfunctional. The Duchess gets major jitters that history might repeat itself.

Quinn revealed that a pal close to Meghan Markle spilled tea on the Megexit. They confessed that the Duchess misses certain aspects of royal life. Additionally, Meghan is fretting that her kids might blame her down the line if they never get to hang with their cousins. The royal expert added that her kids might feel like they missed out on a potential “meaningful existence” as working royals. 

The Duchess is worried sick that her kids might miss out on the fun and dreamy royal life!

Well, Meghan Markle and Harry’s strained relationship with the royals is out in the open. The Sussexes obviously had it coming due to their eyebrow-raising interviews, their Netflix show, and Harry’s memoir, Spare. It seems broken beyond repair. 

The Duchess Hesitates to Revisit the UK

The Duke is gearing up to visit the native land next month. He’ll celebrate a decade of the Invictus Games with a speech at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. However, we’re still in the dark about whether Meghan’s tagging along or Harry’s flying solo, leaving the family behind. Moreover, the reports suggest that Meghan’s not in the mood to revisit the UK, and Harry’s rejected appeal over security would only escalate tensions. 

Meghan Markle isn’t so keen on joining Harry at the Invictus Games event in the UK.

Back in 2020, the British government cut back on royal protection when Prince Harry quit royal life. Meanwhile, Daily Mail reported that he updated his address book, declaring the US as his official turf. Will the big move shake things up with their royal titles? You tell us! Until then, don’t miss out on more such royal scoops at TV Season & Spoilers!


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