Why Did Eren Yeager Turn Evil In Attack On Titan? Answered - Animeranku

Aug 15, 2023
Eren Yeager is the protagonist of one of the most popular anime of all time, Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan or AOT for short takes place on Paradis island
Why Did Eren Yeager Turn Evil In Attack On Titan? Answered - Animeranku

Eren Yeager  stands as the central character within the highly renowned anime series "Attack on Titan," a name often abbreviated as AOT. This anime unfolds on Paradis Island, purportedly the last bastion of humanity. However, this haven is besieged by flesh-devouring giants referred to as Titans. In a bid for safety, colossal walls have been erected to shield the inhabitants from the Titans' menace. The primary line of defense is the cadet corps, serving as the main military presence in the region.

The narrative takes a decisive turn as the protective walls that have safeguarded Eren throughout his existence prove insufficient. Joined by his childhood companions, Armin and Mikasa, he enlists in the Cadet Corps. Seasons 1 to 3 chronicle Eren's journey as he discovers and hones his Titan abilities, uncovering his true lineage. His realization expands beyond the confines of the island, revealing an entire world beyond its shores. The revelation that Marley, an external nation, is accountable for the assaults and the Titan incursions dawns upon him.

The storyline intensifies come Season 4. Eren, alongside the Survey Corps, orchestrates an infiltration into Marley. Their actions are timed impeccably with Marley's declaration of war against Paradis Island, though they are unaware of the impending challenges. Eren's mastery of his abilities reaches its zenith, allowing him to swiftly defeat Marley's elite titan warriors. Yet, his subsequent actions are what cast a shadow upon his character, branding him as malevolent in the eyes of the world.

What Happened To Eren Jaeger?

As you might already be aware, one of the distinctive capabilities of the Attack Titan is its ability to peer into the future. To be more precise, it can access the memories of its future inheritors. This ability likely explains how the titan could consistently outmaneuver its adversaries. Paradoxically, this attribute also contributed to Eren gradually adopting a genocidal stance. Initially, the intention was to employ the powers of the founding titan to render all Eldians unable to reproduce.

However, as history tells us, events didn't unfold as planned. Instead of pursuing the sterilization approach, Eren initiated what is known as The Rumbling. This was precisely the event that the rest of the world feared would come to pass if Eren was left unchecked. With The Rumbling now in motion, there is no refuge to escape its consequences. For those who may not be acquainted with the term, The Rumbling signifies the awakening of the Wall Titans. The havoc and devastation wreaked by a single Colossal Titan serve as an illustration of what has been set in motion.

Imagine what half a million of them can do. They reached the mainland in about no time. Leaving death and destruction in his wake Eren would continue his march till he is ultimately stopped. By that time he had already killed about 80% of the total population. In the Battle of Heaven and Earth Arc, we will see humanity’s last effort to stop the complete annihilation of the world. 

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Eren isn’t inherently Evil. It’s just that he has no choice but to follow the steps predetermined for him even though he knows how it will end for him.

Where Is Eren Yeager Now?

Eren has set foot in Marley and has already killed missions in his first couple of hours there. The Army chooses to save itself than bother with warning the civilians. The remainder of the survey corps along with what’s left of the warriors abroad the flying ship raced towards him and was able to land on him. That was where the episode ends. According to the manga, Eren transports them to the paths and converses with them.

He tells them the only way to stop the rumbling is to kill him. The survey corps plan to detonate the explosives they got from the Jaegerists at his nape in hopes of killing him. We saw Eren take on the full might of the Marlen Airforce and not even flinch. To defend against them, Eren summon the past iterations of the Nine Titans. From his visions of the future Eren already knows he will be stopped. It’s just a matter of time as of now.

Where To Read/Watch Attack On Titan Online?

You can read Attack On Titan Raws on Pocket Shonen Magazine and the English Translation on Manga Monster. You can watch Attack On Titan anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, and Prime Video. The latest episode of AOT, Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 29 or Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 Episode 2 near the end of 2023. 

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