Iruma-kun, welcome to Demon School! is a fantasy isekai anime as well as a "school life" anime, which means that the story constantly switches between classroom shenanigans, preparing for examinations, magical fighting sequences, humor, and even some romance subplots. The "Harvest Festival" plot arc nicely ties everything together, even the teachers themselves.

The true drama in many high school anime shows involves the kids; the professors are merely incidental characters or even story props. In the Fall 2022 anime season, Iruma-kun! alters all of that by revealing the real personalities and inner thoughts of the top instructors in the abnormal class. They are equally as competitive, if not more so, than their younger students.

What Babyls' teachers actually think about their pupils and one another

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Recent Iruma-kun! episodes focused on not just the students but also the teachers involved in the Harvest Festival. Plenty of demon cameras record the action live for everyone to see, and all of Babyls' teachers watch the video feeds with great interest. In fact, a handful of teachers and other Babyls associates gathered in a tent in Episode 8 for a viewing party, showing just how invested they are in their students' progress. They even have beer and food, but this isn't just to blow off steam. The party has a personal edge.

These educators aren't only bystanders. Raim, Mr. Hat, and the others are impressed with what they observe, and they are aware that their kids' performances reflect back on them. These may be devil instructors, but they are not cruel overlords; rather, they are kind, upbeat people who really enjoy seeing their pupils thrive. In Episode 8, the professors publicly bragged about the on-screen performances of their kids and even got into some amicable disagreements about it. They have a great deal of respect for both their kids and one another, which makes this festival a lot of fun.

These teachers have a wholesome competitive spirit, respecting each other while also teasing one another about their respective students and which teaching method is best. Young demons who have everything to prove might take their competitive spirit too far, but the teachers have experience and maturity on their side, so they strike a better balance. They know how to exercise their natural competitive spirit while remembering what's most important. They are teachers and nurturers, meaning they put their students' growth and accomplishments first while still having fun competing. Raim had fun boasting about Elizabetta X's excellent performance and reminiscing about her own succubus methods as a student years ago. Mr. Hat, meanwhile, can't help but insist that beast taming is the #1 strategy for any demon, as Kerori and Caim are proving out there in the jungle.


How the Teachers Maintain Balance in Iruma-Narrative kun's

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Episode 8's scene with the teachers' good-natured competition helped flesh out the teachers as characters and not just instructors, but there's more to it. Iruma-kun!'s anime is several things at once, finding clever, compelling ways to blend its storytelling elements to make it stand out. On a basic level, this is an isekai anime, but it also has major "school life" themes while also featuring fantasy action sequences and plenty of comedy. This makes it a curious blend of anime like My Hero Academia, Konosuba and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Iruma-kun!'s teachers and students alike prove how effective that blend can be.

The teachers' competition explores the "school life" anime trend from a fresh angle, providing some much-needed insight into how the teachers view their students, each other and even themselves. That scene was also great comedy and involved trading verbal barbs, not blows. Iruma-kun! has plenty of wild action scenes, but this ultimately isn't a battle shonen anime; it's a more multi-faceted series where the students and teachers may express themselves and pursue their goals in many different ways, including humor and more than a few wholesome moments. I

In the isekai fantasy adventure Iruma-Kun!, the strength of friendship and the heart represent the true adventure. These Babyls professors are more interesting than the typical token demon lords or bandits found in most isekai stories since they are friendly rivals who support their students. This is something that even top-tier isekai like Reincarnated as a Slime and Re:Zero might benefit from.