Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 6: Let The Clash of Factions Begin!

By: Eric Himmelheber Sep 09, 2022
Episode 6 of Battle in 5 Seconds aired on Monday continuing the series trend of non-stop action. Round three is proving to be levels above...
Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 6: Let The Clash of Factions Begin!
Battle in 5 Seconds

Episode 6 of Battle in 5 Seconds aired on Monday continuing the series trend of non-stop action. Round three is proving to be levels above the previous two in terms of characters, development, and action. Just when you think the series hit a ceiling, it powers through with interesting rivalries and evolving partnerships.

Red Team vs Green Team

The third round’s rules were simple – either beat all the ghouls or they beat you, whoever is left standing wins. Each ghoul that is defeated that person receives 30 points. The only rule is that you may not attack other participants. Akira starts to notice something strange about the ghouls. They look awfully similar to the one he had to face all the way back in episode 1.

But he made light work of any that got close to him and wasn’t phased for a second.

Akira Battle in 5 Seconds

Ideals and characters were established for both the red and green teams in episode 5. While we don’t understand the full motives behind each team, we know what they stand for. And in episode 6, we finally got to see the two clash.

Episode 6 took a turn for the worst when the red team showed up. As I’ve mentioned before, the red team doesn’t recruit people to join their squad. They take in weaker battle contestants and use them as their pawns – which is exactly what they did in this episode.

Red Team is a Problem

One of the Red Team leaders, Kuroiwa, has an odd ability but one he uses to his advantage during this fight – the ability to forcibly collect debts that are owed. One can peace two and two together and determine he might’ve threatened people to join the red team. In turn, they must do what he asks of them.

Instead of attacking green team members, Kuroiwa bends the rules and uses his ability to send his “pawns” from the red team to charge the ghouls. This, in turn, causes trouble for the green team. They don’t want to show their abilities to the red team all the while saving the people being used – one of those being Ringo, one of the participants we met in Round 2.

Ringo (left) and Akira (right), Battle in 5 Seconds, Episode 6

New Interesting character

There were a ton of interesting moments in episode 6 I’d like to point out. But one got my attention the most – a new character debut.

The first interesting point is a new member of the green team. At the beginning of the episode Yuuto, the leader of the green team, points out that there’s an influx of members joining the green team. Among those members is a blonde-hair nun (tell me where we’ve seen this before – Idaten Deities, Fire Force, etc.) and she has a unique ability.

It’s not fully explained like other’s abilities were during episode 6, but we saw it on full display and it was rather disturbing, yet useful. Unfortunately, we still don’t know her name yet. But she was given a big moment during the fight, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing her later on.

Battle in 5 Seconds
Nun, Battle in 5 Seconds, Episode 6

Next Week

While there was so much more interesting stuff that happened in episode 6, I’ll leave you guys to go watch it yourselves. It was one of the best episodes so far this season and I think Battle in 5 Seconds is just getting better with each and every episode.

Episode 7 will air Monday, August 23, on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia. It looks like Shin will be joining the green team in the fight in next week’s preview! So let’s hope he can provide the backup that they need. And we also see a dilemma going on with Yuuri. That’ll be interesting to see unfold.

If you thought episode 6 was great, make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll! It was 6th last week, can we get Battle in 5 Seconds into the top-5? It’s up to you guys!

Yuuri, Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 6

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