Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!'s third season will put its young protagonists to the test like never before, and they will need all of their wits to survive the Harvest Festival event and get enough ingredients to score big. This means facing a slew of new opponents, some of whom are truly demon-style go-getters.

Iruma Suzuki used all of his cunning to trick Toto the genie into giving him the Seed of Beginnings, but before he can plant it, he must battle his own inner demons rather than a demonic foe. Iruma is unprepared for such a danger, and in Episode 12, he nearly falls prey to his worst enemy—abandonment issues. At that point, he draws strength from his mentor's sage advice and fights back.


HearIruma's Weak Heart is Attacked by Orobas Coco

Iruma-kun! Season 3, Episode 12 Forces Iruma to Finally Face His Inner Demons_0

In Iruma-kun! Episode 12, Iruma and his friend Naphula the Silent make their way back through the dungeon to return to the jungle, only for Orobas Coco, an all-new challenger, to intercept them. Orobas Coco had already used his bloodline trait, Trauma, to confuse and disorient Andro M. Jazz, and now he does the same to Iruma. While Andro Jazz had insecurities about his mean older brother, Iruma's personal demons are devastating, and Orobas' illusions wreak havoc on Iruma's mind. A terrified Iruma falls off a cliff fleeing an illusionary monster and the phantoms of his cruel parents, but Iruma isn't in the clear yet.

Even more illusions await Iruma, who sees them all as his classmates, his foster grandfather Sullivan, and even Opera the butler. Iruma is mocked and scorned by these illusions, who call him a liar for pretending to be a demon and turn their backs on him. Iruma loses every support system he has, one by one, telling him to leave the Netherworld forever because he doesn't belong there. This plays into Iruma's ingrained abandonment issues, which are a result of his parents initially selling their son to Sullivan. There is little Iruma can do without his friends and foster family, so he falls into deep despair. Then the tsundere teacher Bachiko Barbatos appears and reminds him of why he fights as a Netherworld archer.


Iruma Strikes Through His Worst Fears with an Arrow

Iruma-kun! Season 3, Episode 12 Forces Iruma to Finally Face His Inner Demons_1

Iruma thinks back to his archery training with Bachiko Barbatos and how he needs more than just demon energy and good aim to truly strike a target. As earlier Iruma-kun! episodes showed Iruma's new weapon draws its power from Iruma's personal motives -- his desire to stay with all his Babyls friends and have a place where he belongs. That bow isn't just a weapon -- it's a manifestation of Iruma's heart, and in Episode 12's flashback, Iruma trains tirelessly to consistently fire his bow with his motives powering his technique. Back in Episode 12's main events, Iruma gathers all his courage and strikes down the illusions with a powerful arrow, and in the process, he defeats his inner demons.

Iruma proceeds with confidence, resolving more than ever to see his classmates again and win the Harvest Festival no matter what. These events remind Iruma-kun! fans that this is more than a typical isekai anime or a My Hero Academia knockoff -- this anime is about found family, the happiness of belonging and true friendship. All that can be wielded as literal power, and with that last remaining arrow and faith in all his friendships, surely Iruma will score a last-minute victory and plant the Seed of Beginnings to grow the Legend Leaf for 100,000 points. Human ingenuity and kindness got Iruma this far -- now it's time to finish the job.