The Hidden Cloud Village has a historical record marked by power-hungry policies, disregard for peace treaties, and engaging in kidnappings and espionage to build up military strength. The Leaf Village found itself taken by surprise when the Cloud Village abducted their Jinchuriki, resulting in strained relations and a lasting impact.

Known for its attempts to acquire bloodline abilities, such as the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan, the Cloud Village has earned a reputation for demanding sacrifices without facing accountability for its actions.

Despite being considered leaders of the shinobi world, the Five Great Nations have not refrained from employing covert tactics. While each nation has a complex history, the Hidden Cloud Village stands out for its particularly egregious past, committing various crimes solely to enhance its military prowess.

The power-hungry policies of the Raikage have contributed to the Cloud Village's negative standing in the ninja world, prompting other nations to follow suit in disregarding peace treaties. While the Cloud Village has been involved in numerous atrocities during its relatively short existence, the Naruto series has only shed light on those incidents concerning the Hidden Leaf Village. Nevertheless, these revealed occurrences offer a glimpse into the truly deplorable history of the Cloud Village.

The Hidden Cloud’s Power-Hungry Policies


In the current Naruto landscape, the Hidden Cloud Village occupies a commanding position in the military hierarchy, boasting a formidable army equipped with potent techniques. However, this supremacy wasn't always the case, as the Cloud was once barely on par with other nations. Devoid of Kekkei Genkai and with its two Tailed Beasts remaining untamed by Jinchuriki, the nation found itself at a disadvantage against the other four.

This dire predicament compelled the Hidden Cloud Village to initiate the process of building its military strength. This involved a direct breach of peace treaties and interference in the sovereignty of other nations. While the other nations had agreed to a treaty aimed at reducing military budgets and curbing power accumulation, the Cloud Village covertly continued to expand its military size.

Yet, the Cloud's expansionist policies went beyond merely enlarging its army. The village proceeded to commit numerous kidnappings and engage in espionage to pilfer clan secrets. These reprehensible acts were met with hostility from other nations, leading to the abandonment of peace treaties and the adoption of similar tactics by other villages. It would not be inaccurate to assert that the Cloud bears responsibility for several significant conflicts in the series, rightfully earning a disdainful reputation in the ninja world.

Kidnapping the Leaf’s Jinchuriki


The Hidden Cloud Village has consistently employed questionable tactics to bolster its military strength. However, the Leaf Village was caught off guard when its sole Jinchuriki was abducted from within its borders. In an attempt to seize the Nine-Tails and harness Kushina Uzumaki's unique chakra, three skilled Cloud shinobi infiltrated the village and kidnapped the 12-year-old Jinchuriki.

Kushina, belonging to the extinct Uzumaki bloodline renowned for its Fuinjutsu and chakra capable of suppressing Tailed Beasts, was targeted by the Raikage to harness this power and subdue the Cloud's Two-Tails and Eight-Tails. Without control over their respective Tailed Beasts, Jinchuriki become essentially useless to their nation, leading to potential rampages.

Although Minato's intervention thwarted the kidnapping by tracking Kushina through the strands of her hair, the incident left a significant impact on the relations between the Leaf and Cloud Villages, causing a lasting strain. However, despite the tension, the incident did not seem to have a prolonged effect, as the two villages were observed signing a peace treaty years later.

An Attempt to Steal the Byakugan


Due to the absence of formidable bloodlines within the Hidden Cloud Village, its history has been marred by endeavors to acquire the secret techniques and Kekkei Genkai of other nations. The Hyuga Clan fell victim to this ambition, with the revered Byakugan becoming a target of the Cloud's power-hungry pursuits. Following the Third Great Ninja War, the Hidden Cloud sent its chief ninja to sign an official peace treaty with the Leaf Village, signaling the end of a brutal conflict. However, the treaty signing served as a mere facade, as the chief ninja's true mission was to capture the Hyuga heiress.

Ultimately, the head ninja was apprehended and met his demise at the hands of Hiashi Hyuga, safeguarding Hinata and the clan's coveted Dojutsu. Despite this clear act of aggression against the Leaf Village, the Hidden Cloud insisted on Hiashi's death for killing their representative, compelling Hizashi to impersonate his brother and take responsibility. The entire episode became known as the Hyuga Affair, leaving many bewildered as to how the Hidden Cloud escaped accountability for such a reprehensible act, even going to the extent of demanding a sacrificial offering.

Why Was the Hidden Cloud Never Held Accountable?


While every other village has been held accountable for their misdeeds and acts of aggression, the Hidden Cloud seems to get away with most of its atrocities. One reason could be the Hidden Cloud’s military might that forced other nations into a policy of appeasement. Despite a lack of rare Kekkei Genkai, the Hidden Cloud still boasted an immense military and two Tailed Beasts, deterring other nations from engaging directly in an all-out war.

The Cloud’s despicable actions were also overlooked due to every other nation eventually engaging in similar tactics. Espionage became highly common among all five nations, and none could claim the moral high ground. This allowed the Hidden Cloud to sweep its own atrocities under the rug, though the village still acquired a vile reputation among the ninja world.

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