Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! continues to challenge the famed abnormal class in the Fall 2022 anime season, and not only in mortal conflict to obtain materials from the jungle. Although Ichiro and Nichiro, who are also fellow warriors, and Asmodeus Alice and Sabro developed a rivalry, other problems require ingenuity and intelligence.

While other, more heedless demons burned themselves out and had to give up, Iruma Suzuki, for instance, used his cunning and developed his stamina to survive the forest. As Toto the genie demands knowledge that he has never heard before in Episode 11, Iruma and his new acquaintance are once again forced to use all of their wits.


How to Negotiate for the Seed of Beginnings with Iruma Suzuki

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In Episode 11, Iruma and Lead separate ways for a while, and Iruma uses Caim's animal jigsaw music to navigate his way into an underground dungeon. Iruma can tell that barely anybody ever comes to this location, although he does run into one fellow student, the enigmatic newcomer Naphula the Silent. Iruma rescues Naphula from a plant trap, and the two new companions enter the dungeon's vast main chamber where they encounter a colossal golem-genie by the name of Toto.

The great Toto demands to hear any knowledge that he has never heard before, much like Wan Shi Tong in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but that's easier said than done. Iruma and Naphula can't keep up with Toto's knowledge of everything, from school textbooks to puzzles and folktales. Iruma has the option of fighting Toto to take the Seed of Beginnings by force, but even with his new demon bow, he isn't too keen on it. Fighting is never Iruma's first option.

Iruma, though, pauses to consider the situation. Since he's an isekai visitor and a non-native human, he readily acknowledges that he understands very nothing about local mythology and history. This puts him at a further disadvantage. Iruma then understands that Toto just has that limited knowledge of the Netherworld. The first volume of the well-known in-universe shojo manga series First Love Memories is acted out by Iruma and Naphula because of the advantage of Iruma being an otherworlder.

The great genie is moved to tears by the conclusion of this brand-new, magnificent tale that Toto gets to witness. He cheerfully gives you the Seed of Beginnings and says that the seed of friendship is new knowledge. Iruma and Naphula can now go and plant this seed in order for it to develop into the Legendary Leaf, but that presents a completely new set of difficulties. Iruma must accomplish more than just raid the dungeon's treasure like Indiana Jones. While his classmates simply demolish things, he now has to nurture a new life and develop something.


How an Innocent Human, Iruma, Defeats Demons

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Iruma-kun! is a lighthearted isekai anime with plenty of comedy, so at first glance, it appears like his theatrical recreation of the shojo manga First Love Memories is just a joke. There is more to it, though, and it all speaks well of Iruma. Iruma is more than simply an isekai visitor who got lost in the Netherworld; he's also a kind-hearted, helpless child with a heroic spirit, nearly like a more sympathetic Izuku Midoriya. Izuku and Iruma are both accustomed to being underdogs who must be inventive and think outside the box to survive amid a sea of sharks. He doesn't have bloodline traits or demon wings, but he does have the ring of gluttony and a distinctive way of looking at things on his side. Iruma consistently triumphs in battle when he fights on his terms.

Iruma does not, in the traditional sense, "battle" with other characters. Instead, he challenges titans like Toto on an intellectual plane rather than a physical one by using his wits and innovations to completely alter the game. Only Iruma, who drew on information that no other demon, not even an older one, would have, could have developed a shojo manga series to dazzle Toto. In Episode 11, he makes the most of his isekai position, and it pays off. When the Iruma-kun! anime initially debuted, he performed a similar action, impressing the esteemed himedere Azazel Ameri with sparkling, exotic tales right out of the shojo manga. Iruma's intelligence is his finest weapon, as seen by all of the above, his deft use of the ring of gluttony, and his stamina-based survival strategy. Not even his brand-new bow comes close.