• The Gorosei are incredibly powerful in One Piece, showcasing overpowered Yokai transformations and Haki abilities.
  • Their Yokai forms, like Saturn's Gyuki, exhibit deadly abilities such as venom, explosive attacks, and invisible force.
  • With Haki comparable to the strongest Yonko, the Gorosei are among the most dangerous beings in the One Piece world.

The Gorosei, also known as the Five Elders, are incredibly important in the Final Saga of One Piece and recently, Oda has done more than enough to showcase that these individuals are monstrously powerful. The Gorosei are all extremely special, both in terms of their authority and stature, and of course, in terms of power as well.

When it comes to their powers, fans have already seen their Yokai abilities being displayed by Oda properly in the climax of the Egghead Island arc. However, there is much more to them than just that. The Gorosei are officially confirmed to be users of incredibly powerful Haki, such that it can be considered to be one of the strongest seen in the series.

The Yokai Forms Of The Gorosei


When it comes to the strength of the Gorosei, fans already know that they possess tremendous powers up their sleeve. For one, the Gorosei are all strange individuals that exhibit strange powers. Saint Saturn was the first of the Gorosei to showcase his powers, and he utilized the ability of the Gyuki transformation immediately after stepping foot on Egghead. The transformation gave Saturn the upper half of an ox and the lower half of a spider.

Clearly, this transformation was incredibly overpowered, and at the same time, It also gave him the ability to inflict invisible damage to his enemies that they couldn't recover from easily. On top of that, Saturn could hold down his enemies in one place using an invisible force, and if that wasn't enough, he also showcased enough firepower as well. He has strong venom to coat his entire body in, which is strong enough to kill anyone, even the strongest of individuals. As seen recently, he also has the power to launch explosives from his mouth, which appear to be mini-nukes. All in all, Saturn was incredibly overpowered and this just meant to show that the Yokai transformation of the Elders is nothing short of spectacular.

Just like Saturn, all the other Elders also hold these Yokai transformations. For instance, Saint Shepherd Ju Peter has the power of the Sandworm, which fans have already seen a bit of here and there. St Marcus Mars has the power of the Itsumade, which is a giant bird, the vast majority of the capabilities of which remain unknown. Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro has the power of a Bakotsu, who, apparently, can summon the chill of the underworld, and of course, Saint Topman Warcury seems to have the power of a Fengxi, which is a giant boar that fans saw recently in One Piece chapter 1111. All these incredible things combined give fans a proper look at what the Yokai transformation of the gorosei offered.

The Overpowered Haki Of The Gorosei


While the Yokai transformation of the Five Elders is certainly astonishing, there is much more to them than just that. From when Saturn stepped foot on the island, fans knew that he possessed tremendous Haki. His presence was felt all over the island. Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and even Lucci, felt a strange and powerful presence on the island, which was quite astonishing for the fans to witness. Later on, when every single Gorosei assembled on the island, once again, this powerful Haki was felt all over the island. Zoro and Lucci both commented on the fact that the Haki was monstrous. In One Piece chapter 1111, Jinbe saw Marcus Mars break through the Labophase Frontier Dome, and he was shocked at the level of Haki that he was witnessing.

According to Jinbe, this Haki was preposterous. Curiously enough, Jinbe is one character who can scale their Haki properly. In Wano, Jinbe saw the Haki of Shanks from a distance and he mentioned the Haki to be monstrous. Here, Jinbe witnessed the Haki of Marcus Mars and used a similar term to describe it, which means that Mars's Haki was similar to that of Shanks and that it is certainly among the very best among the Five Elders.

If that wasn't enough, a moment later, fans got to see the power of Saint Topman Warcury in his fight against Luffy and the Giants. Warcury used the power of Conqueror's Haki to intimidate Luffy and the Giants. He was able to produce large sparks of black lightning all by himself, and his Haki had effects so far-reaching that the Marines on the ship passed out. Luffy himself was affected by his Haki, losing his scars and some of his clothes as well. Meanwhile, the two Giants could not bear the pressure either. This is once again a clear indication of the fact that the Haki of the Five Elders is absolutely monstrous.

Essentially, Oda has confirmed that the Five Elders might just be the strongest individuals in the One Piece world, potentially even above the likes of the Yonko. For one, the Five Elders possess transformations that can rival the Yonko. Their Yokai beasts are monstrous, and, for instance, if one were to compare them to Kaido's azure dragon, the Gorosei would certainly hold their own. On top of that, they seem to be immortal, meaning if someone did actually manage to hurt them, they can simply recover, no matter how many times they get hurt. On top of everything, they are now confirmed to have Haki on the same tier as the strongest of Yonko, such as Shanks. All things combined together give them the strongest weapons to fight against anyone in the One Piece world, essentially making them the most dangerous beings in the entire series.

Oda Reveals The True Strength Of The Gorosei


With the Haki of the Gorosei finally being revealed, fans now know for a fact that the Five Elders are among the strongest. They meet every single criterion for qualifying as the strongest individuals in the world. They have overpowered transformations, immortality, and overpowered Haki, and they can most likely also use the power of Conqueror's Haki Infusion. All these incredible powers combine to make the Five Elders some of the strongest beings in the One Piece world and there is absolutely no denying the fact that they will go on to showcase these powers later down the line.

On Egghead, Oda might limit their powers because this is not the time for them to go to all-out war. However, later down the line, fans will surely see more of what they are truly capable of and what else they can do with their Yokai transformations, as well as their overpowered Haki. For now, fans simply need to sit back patiently and observe the events on Egghead, and then prepare for what is to come as One Piece continues its journey through the Final Saga, with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates getting closer than ever before to obtaining the Final Treasure, the One Piece.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1112, is set to be April 21, 2024.