The following article contains spoilers for Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 20, "The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn", now streaming on Netflix.

After the tragic events of Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 19, Yuri Petrov finds himself in the hospital, standing over his mother's corpse following her brutal murder at the hands of two robbers, Lucas Byrne and Henry Lime. As he talks to her live-in carer, who narrowly survived the encounter, Yuri learns his mother was only shot after she tried to stop the robbers from eating cookies baked for him.

Yuri reassures her that Lucas and Henry had killed all their previous burglary victims, so he doubts the cookies were a factor and tells her not to blame herself. Still, he's clearly shaken by the revelation, and as he leaves the hospital he's taunted by a vision of his late father, Mr. Legend. The vision calls him a murderer unable to escape his sordid past -- clearly referring to Yuri's actions as the homicidal vigilante, Lunatic.

Lunatic Returns and Exacts Revenge on His Mother's Killers

Tiger & Bunny 2 Finally Brings Back Yuri Petrov's Alter Ego, Lunatic_0

Yuri has been tormented by hallucinations of his father throughout Tiger & Bunny 2's second cour, but it's clear this one represents a breaking point. As Lucas and Henry target another victim, they're stopped by an arrow drenched in blue and green flame. As they look up, they're greeted by the last sight of many-a criminal -- Lunatic.

Lunatic shoots another arrow at Lucas, who perishes in the inferno. Henry tries to make an escape, throwing the stolen box of cookies at Lunatic, but this only enrages the agent of Thanatos further. Lunatic takes aim at Henry but is stopped by Kotetsu, who along with Barnaby was also pursuing the robbers before being pulled over and reprimanded by police. The titular duo clashed with Lunatic many times over the course of Tiger & Bunny's first season. While both parties are dedicated to justice, Tiger and Bunny oppose Lunatic's lethal methods; this clash of ideals leads to the two prioritizing stopping Lunatic over Henry. Their efforts fail when Barnaby's leg pain gets the better of him mid-battle, and Lunatic kills Henry before disappearing into the night once more.

Violating the police's orders for a second time lands Kotetsu and Barnaby in hot water. Kotetsu pleads with them that the X phenomenon is caused by a villainous NEXT rather than an infectious disease, but the police aren't interested. As a result of Kotetsu and Barnaby breaching the law, all the other First League heroes are placed under rigorous surveillance by their respective sponsors, with the looming threat of their contracts being voided if they choose to perform any more superheroics.

In a Vision, Yuri's Father Says His Son's Idea of Justice Is Warped

Tiger & Bunny 2 Finally Brings Back Yuri Petrov's Alter Ego, Lunatic_1

Meanwhile, back in his study, Yuri is plagued by another vision of his father. The ghostly Mr. Legend notes that Yuri's perception of justice is warped and his mother would be ashamed of his actions, clearly riling his son. Yuri then meets with Kotetsu and Barnaby to get them to sign the new contracts. While both of them do so, Kotetsu expresses his frustration at the whole situation, thinking back on advice Mr. Legend imparted to him that his powers gave him a responsibility to protect people.

The mention of his abusive father clearly strikes a nerve in Yuri Petrov, and he warns Kotetsu that Mr. Legend was afflicted with waning powers just like Kotetsu is dealing with now. As a result of the loss of his superhero identity, Mr. Legend took his anger out on his wife and son. Yuri suggests Kotetsu take the opportunity to figure out his identity outside of being a hero before it gets the better of him like Mr. Legend.

Kotetsu appreciates Yuri's honesty about his father, and while he admits Mr. Legend's actions were inexcusable, he argues that doesn't negate the hope his superheroics brought to people like him. He also vows to never turn out like Mr. Legend and always stay true to himself. A shaken Yuri leaves, and Kotetsu starts to worry that he crossed a line. Trying to cheer Kotetsu up, Barnaby declares the two of them should become the King of Buddy Heroes together. He says it's important that people understand superheroes are vulnerable just like anybody else, and with Barnaby's leg injured and Kotetsu's declining powers, they'd be the perfect representation of that notion.

Tiger & Bunny 2 Finally Brings Back Yuri Petrov's Alter Ego, Lunatic_2

Back at home, Yuri stews in his traumatic memories and starts to argue with a vision of his father. He tells Mr. Legend that people's mistakes never disappear, and he'll never forgive his father. Surprisingly, Mr. Legend agrees, telling his son he doesn't want to be forgiven, accepting culpability for ruining Yuri and his mother's life.

As he vanishes, the apparition tells Yuri to always stay true to his sense of justice, and that he'll always be in his son's corner. Yuri breaks down at this remark, collapsing and sobbing in the place where his mother died. In the empty room he begs ''please, don't go'' -- whether he's talking to his father or his mother is left purposefully ambiguous, but it's clear the entire incident has left a major mark.

Whether or not he'll use this newfound pain as a force for good or further misguided vengeance remains to be seen, but either way, it's unlikely that Tiger & Bunny 2 is done with Lunatic's story just yet.