My Hero Academia Episode 105: The Todoroki Family Dynamic

By: Eric Himmelheber Sep 03, 2022
Episode 105 of My Hero Academia aired on Saturday and it may have possibly been one of the best this season. Many fans are waiting for...
My Hero Academia Episode 105: The Todoroki Family Dynamic
Endeavor My Hero Academia

Episode 105 of My Hero Academia aired on Saturday and it may have possibly been one of the best this season. Many fans are waiting for the action to happen and can’t stand the heavy dialogue episodes. Some may even call it dry and boring. However, episode 105 is a well-written, character-driven episode that was needed.

Not only that, but it also ends on a huge cliffhanger.

The Todoroki Family Dynamic

As I stated in my last article, there were going to be predictable scenes of how Deku and Bakugo would act during the dinner. And that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s rather enjoyable. And while there was some training between the three and Endeavor at the beginning, it wasn’t important to the episode.

On a more important note, Episode 105 gives fans a better understanding of where everyone stands in the Todoroki household in terms of Endeavor as a father.

Natsu’s Dynamic

Natsu still holds the most hatred in his heart for Endeavor. He’s even the first to leave dinner before anyone even finishes. While it was predictable, it’s also a good way of showing he still has some growing and thinking to do. Or, perhaps not. His role as the “anti-Endeavor” son plays in good contrast with Fuyumi. 

While Natsu has the strongest feelings towards Endeavor, it’s an understandable hatred. The awkward situation he creates at the dinner is warranted. He even tells Fuyumi that he tried for her sake but just couldn’t bear it.

Natsu My Hero Academia
Natsu, My Hero Academia Episode 105

Fuyumi’s Dynamic

Being the oldest of the three, Fuyumi is trying to bring the family together. She is the positive to Natu’s negative. Endeavor even thanks her and credits Fuyumi for his trying to become a better father. Setting up dinner and greeting Deku and Bakugo with a smile really gives fans a good feeling of how influential Fuyumi is.

An interesting scene took place between Shoto and Fuyumi after dinner, though. She tells Shoto that she also feels like Natsu sometimes. But reiterates that their mother, Rei, is doing all she can to forgive Endeavor for what he did to her as well. And that should be reason enough for her and everyone else to strive to do the same.

There’s even a beautiful moment that transitions her mother’s face to hers, showing resemblance not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Fuyumi My Hero Academia
Fuyumi, My Hero Academia Episode 105

Shoto’s Dynamic

Shoto is the grey area. He agrees with Natsu and what he says to Endeavor but is still on the fence about whether to forgive him or not. Remember, at one point, Shoto told Endeavor that he would never use the power he inherited from him. But in this season, Shoto even asks Endeavor to train him and his use of Flashfire Fist.

While Shoto did say he was only there to use him, it seems as each episode passes that he’s growing closer to Endeavor as his son.

Deku even tells Shoto that if he truly hates his dad, it’s okay not to forgive him. However, he reminds Shoto that he’s an extremely kind person. This seems to end up tugging a heartstring in Shoto. So we’ll have to wait to see if Shoto eventually sides with Fuyumi or Natsu. Who knows? Maybe he’ll stay in the middle of the road.

Shoto, My Hero Academia Episode 105

Endeavor’s Dynamic

We’ve come to realize that Endeavor is finally starting to show true remorse for his past. And episode 105 painted this picture vividly more than any others before. Earlier in the episode, we learn of a dream Endeavor is constantly having.

We see the family happy and eating dinner together, but without him there. A scene that involves his family’s happiness without him in the picture. But rather than questioning why he’s not there, he understands “so much that it hurts.”

Endeavor’s dynamic even reaches the viewers and episode 105 did a wonderful job of relaying the feeling as if we were part of the household ourselves.

Some fans feel like Natsu. Others feel like Fuyumi. While most probably feel like Shoto after this episode and don’t really know what to think of Endeavor for now. The most interesting part is that neither Natsu, Fuyumi, or Shoto are wrong about their feelings towards Endeavor as a father. The same goes for Rei as a wife and mother.

Regardless, Endeavor is doing everything he can to possibly bring his family together for the first time.

Endeavor My Hero Academia
Endeavor, My Hero Academia Episode 105

Huge Cliffhanger

At the end of the episode, we see Endeavor praying to a shrine of his deceased son Toya. While manga readers know what happened, it leaves an extremely curious feeling to anime-only viewers. It catches everyone off-guard and it leaves us wanting more.

This will end up being really important, anime-only fans. So stay tuned!

Toya Todoroki My Hero Academia
Toya, My Hero Academia Episode 105

Endeavor’s Opportunity Next Week

As we see in the preview for next week, a villain is released from prison and immediately targets Endeavors family. It seems that this villain finds the Todoroki household and manages to take Natsu hostage. It creates a perfect scenario for Endeavor to truly show his love for Natsu as a father that he didn’t before.

So it’ll be interesting to see how Natsu and Endeavor both grow after episode 106.

Episode 106 of My Hero Academia will air Saturday, July 31st, on Crunchyroll and Funimation. If you thought episode 105 of My Hero Academia was great, then make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

What was your favorite moment from episode 104? Has anyone moved up or down on your favorite character list after this episode? Leave your comments about the episode down below!

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