The Devil Is A Part-Timer 2 is seven episodes in, and fans are still wondering when they can get to see the real Demon King. It has been a blast seeing the notorious Satan in the form of a regular McRonald employee and his changed demeanor regarding world domination. However, viewers are confused at this point about what Maou exactly wants to do. Does he want to get back to the Demon World and finish his conquest of Ente Isla? Or does he intend to stay in the human world and dominate it?

The Devil is a Part-Timer seems to jump from one storyline to another very quickly without answering any questions. Fortunately, episode seven was an uplift because the fans got to see the Demon King in all his glory after so long. Maou Sadao never looked better, and his presence is comparatively stronger than when he was just an employee. Emilia steals the show every time when it comes to saving the day, but this time Maou played a role, but it was short-lived.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer 2: It's Time the Audience Sees More Of 'The Demon King'_0

On the other hand, it feels like at the end of it, Emilia is the one who carries the “power” section of the show. While she and Maou are far-off when it comes to romance, they still make a great team. Viewers had been hoping to see a bit of a couple forming at this point, but it looks like Satan and the Hero might not happen at all.

As for the storyline, Devil is a Part-Timer Episode 7 was an improvement in taking the show forward, but it would really help if they stuck to one arc and finished it properly. But it feels like the show runners would like to stick to the slice-of-life part of the show more than the fantasy one.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer 2: It's Time the Audience Sees More Of 'The Demon King'_1

Maou and the gang are no longer at the beach, and they have another problem at their hands -- Olba. He hasn’t made an appearance in season two yet, but it sounds convenient to put the blame on him when things go wrong. But one thing is still unclear, at the end of the episode, Maou is seen feeling fascinated by humans, and he wants to “rule” them one day.

But his conviction doesn’t have the tone of a “Demon Lord conquering the world”, rather, he feels inspired by them and actually enjoys his time in Japan. Let’s just hope that the rest of the season has an episode like this, so they can tie the stories in a satisfying way. For now, the Demon King and his loyal subjects will enjoy the spoils of their hard work at the beach shack.