This Spy x Family cosplayer would consider it an absolute honor if they came face to face, and she would gladly kill them.

Thorn Princess from Spy x Family is a cosplay that an anime cosplayer posted online using the username u/RaiKai Cos. The setting successfully enhances the cosplay, which also features their flawless cosplay, complete with gold roses in their hair and Yor's thorn-like weapons. Yor appears to have rolled right into the hiding place of the villains. Yor has been brought to life by the cosplayer, who is crouched on the ground with one leg extended and only her fingertips to maintain balance.


Spy x Family Yor Cosplay Exudes the Thorn Princess' Deadly Beauty_0
Spy x Family Yor Cosplay Exudes the Thorn Princess' Deadly Beauty_1


My Yor cosplay (SpyxFamily)! from cosplay

An Obsessed Cosplayer

The cosplayer made light of the situation, saying that they were "concentrating really hard on my balance" which is why they appeared so serious. Other deadly beauties from various anime series, such as the stealthily dangerous Makima from Chainsaw Man and the fierce and protective Touka from Tokyo Ghoul, which the cosplayer made sure to place appropriately in Tokyo, have also been cosplayed by RaiKai Cos. The cosplayer has also taken on the role of 2B, the main character from the video game Nier: Automata. Rem from Re: Zero is the cosplay they've done the most of so far.

In Spy x Family, Yor initially proposed to Loid in the hopes that her marriage would allow her to continue being the Thorn Princess since the Secret Police, the Ostanian agency that hunts down spies and traitors, view unmarried women with suspicion. She had a secret hope that Loid would be the only person to ever accept her for who she was. She has proven to be the ideal candidate to be Anya's mother and Loid's partner, despite Yor's frequent worries and skepticism about her suitability as the Forger wife and mother. Her mission is to rid the world of evil wrongdoers in order to make it a more secure place for her brother to live and prosper, but she now includes Anya and Loid in her sphere of influence.


The acclaimed Spy x Family manga series by Tatsuya Endo debuted in March 2019 and began serializing in Shnen Jump+. The fan base for the series quickly expanded as a result of the comedy, action, and portrayal of a new family found in the narrative. The first half of Season 1 of the anime adaptation, created by Wit Studio and Clover Works, debuted in April 2022, with the second half following in October. An original film slated for 2023 and Season 2 announcements were made just before the first season came to a close.

The Forgers are available on Crunchyroll and Hulu for viewers to watch. The manga chapters, which are updated every two weeks, are accessible on VIZ Media and Manga Plus.

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