YumeTwins: February 2022 Kawaii Subscription Box Review

By: Kelly Sep 15, 2022
A review of the YumeTwins February 2022 box, where I reveal all the kawaii culture goods I received and my thoughts on each!
YumeTwins: February 2022 Kawaii Subscription Box Review
yumetwins review

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re spending it with a partner, a friend, or on your own, there’s plenty of love to go around. Anime Corner got to celebrate the holiday early with a special Valentine’s Me-Time box from YumeTwins, a kawaii subscription box service that offers goodies from brands like Sanrio, San-X, Totoro, and more. In this review, we take a look at the goodies we received and give opinions on each item.

So strap in and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for the upcoming holiday!

What is YumeTwins?

YumeTwins is a subscription box service under TokyoTreat (a subscription service with Japanese snacks) that sells mystery boxes of kawaii items like plushies, stationery goods, and home goods, to name a few. All of these products are only sold in Japan. The subscription plan starts at $32.50 per month with the guarantee of YumeTwins original kawaii goods, YumeTwins exclusive brand collaborations, and famous Japanese character merch. Shipping is an additional  $10.50 to $12.50 depending on your location.

Anime Corner also previously reviewed TokyoTreat, which contained snacks from Japan. This time we’ll be reviewing the YumeTwins February 2022 Valentine’s Me-Time Box, meant to spoil yourself during the special month. This was especially exciting since I’m a big Sanrio fan and I can say my Valentine will have a hard time competing with this! Let’s take a look at all the items that came in the box.

The YumeTwins February 2022 Me-Time Box

As you can see, the box included a variety of different kawaii goods. The first thing I looked for was this helpful guide that explains details about all the potential items you can get, as well as fun facts about romance and Valentine’s Day in Japan. Not only does the box work as a wonderful gift, but it’s also a great hands-on opportunity to learn more about the culture in Japan!

yumetwins valentine's day box
The YumeTwins February 2022 Me-Time Box

The Sanrio Stuff

Considering I am, again, a huge Sanrio fan, seeing several Sanrio characters upon opening the box already put a huge smile on my face. The most notable merchandise was this Valentine’s Day-themed plushie of iconic character My Melody. The amount of detail put into most Japanese character plushies is astounding; they use several different fabrics, are never too hard or too soft, have a ton of detail in the stitching, and embroidery, and are overall higher quality for the value. This exclusive bunny will make a fine addition to my collection.

My Melody Valentine’s Day Plysg

Next from Sanrio are two mystery items, meaning each one could be a different character. This one happened to be the Pochacco version of the Sanrio mini luggage case and the Tuxedo Sam version of the Sanrio sakura kimono glass. The designs are absolutely adorable. The shot cup will be perfect to use on Valentine’s Day, and the mini luggage case will make a neat coin bag.

Pochacco Mini Luggage Case and My Melody Sakura Kimono Glass

This lovely Little Twin Stars spray bottle with Kiki on one side and Lala on the other was another one of the Sanrio goodies. I love how you can turn it and see either character!

Little Twin Stars Spray Bottle

A BT21 shower sponge of the character RJ was next. After some research, I learned he’s a white alpaca representing famous BTS member Jin. Even if you’re not particularly into K-Pop, you can still appreciate the sponge’s adorableness and functionality. It’s a great tool to make a bathroom look more aesthetic – and impress your K-Pop fan friends.

RJ Shower Sponge

And for the end, we’ll look at the YumeTwins original cubic timer, which I got in blue. It’s a handy little alarm that can help keep you on track for any timed tasks like making instant ramen or taking short work breaks – cute and useful. The timer did not come with the batteries, so keep that in mind if you decide to order the box.

YumeTwins February 2022 Box Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, the February box from YumeTwins met our expectations and included a variety of goods anyone into kawaii culture would enjoy. The items were perfect for the Valentine’s day self-pampering theme, all very useful and fitting for the aesthetic. As is the case with most mystery boxes, you sometimes don’t get the items that feature your favorite characters, but we can safely say that every product in this box was equally adorable and well-made. The booklet included was super helpful for learning more about the merchandise and had some interesting facts about romance culture in Japan.

If you’re considering ordering the box for yourself or a loved one, we highly recommend checking out the YumeTwins’ official website, as it contains the sneak peek into the next month’s box and is a good way of making sure that it contains items from some of your favorite brands. The Valentine’s Box definitely raised the bar for the upcoming holiday and hopefully, this review also helped you make a decision or gave you an idea on how to impress your Valentine’s.

Disclaimer: Anime Corner received a YumeTwins box in an exchange for an honest review.
Featured image: Sanrio Boys © 1976,1988,1990,1993,1996, 2001, 2015, 2017 SANRIO CO.,LTD. Seikawa High School PTA


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