The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 21, "Nightfall/First Fit of Jealousy," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Episode 21 of Spy x Family introduces one of Loid Forger's fellow WISE agents, and she may spell trouble for Yor. Fiona Frost is known as a ruthless agent who will stop at nothing to complete her mission due to her ice-cold exterior and even chillier personality. She is devoted to replacing Yor and becoming Loid Forger's cherished wife, so her goal goes beyond Operation Strix.

Agent Twilight asks Yor to marry him and take on the role of Anya's foster mother because having a family is an essential part of his job in Operation Strix. He also adopts Anya. Although the Forger family is anything but conventional, life at home is vibrant and healthy. Despite the fact that each member of the family has a hidden identity and goal, their love for one another is obvious and seems to get deeper with each episode. The newest member of Spy x Family wants to put that bond in jeopardy and take Loid for herself.


Fiona Frost Is in Love with Loid Forger

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Fiona Frost's objective is made clear at the beginning of Episode 21 after being first introduced as Loid's colleague and fellow undercover agent in Episode 20. Fiona mentions to Handler that she would prefer Loid to Yor as a wife while they are talking about missions. Like Loid, Fiona is a determined agent who is motivated by Operation Strix's importance. It would seem logical at first that Fiona's desire to play Loid's wife in Operation Strix is solely driven by a desire to become more involved in the mission in order to ensure quick success. Fiona, however, isn't ready to give up and visits Yor herself after Handler says that the situation should stay the same.

When Anya arrives, it becomes especially obvious why Fiona is so determined to succeed Yor as Loid's wife. After walking Bond, she and Loid arrive at their house just in time for her to stop Fiona from disparaging Yor. Through coded conversation, Loid questions Fiona's presence, but Anya's ability to read minds reveals Fiona's unusually sentimental feelings for Loid. She doesn't just think Yor is an inadequate wife for Yor in terms of Operation Strix; she also thinks she is much more romantically compatible with Loid.


Loid and Anya Reassure Yor That She's a Wonderful Wife and Mother

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Due to her feelings of jealousy, Fiona accuses Yor of being a bad mother and wife, even claiming that Loid criticizes her at work. Yor already lacks confidence due to her clumsiness and the unconventional nature of her role. She aspires to be the best mother and wife to Loid and Anya, but she frequently feels inadequate, particularly given her appalling cooking abilities. Anya and Loid step in to save Yor when Fiona's ideas pose a threat to further erode his confidence.

Anya is unhappy because she is aware of Fiona's intentions thanks to her telepathy. Anya cuddles up to Yor, thanking her for being such a good mother and expressing the depth of her love for her foster mother in order to make it clear to Fiona where her affections lie. Yor is deeply moved by Anya's display of affection, and after she assures Loid that she will work hard to be a better mother to Anya, he also gives her comfort. Fiona tries to convince herself that Loid is skilled at acting out fake emotion for the sake of the part, but she notices a glimmer of truth in his words, showing that Loid does, in fact, care about Yor and is genuinely grateful for her contribution to the family.

Fiona Frost is obviously very fond of Loid, but despite this, Yor isn't really in danger from her. Despite Yor's clumsiness, Loid and Anya fully acknowledge Yor and her contribution to the family, demonstrating how much they have come to care for her. While Loid and Yor's romance hasn't yet been explored in Spy x Family, their connection as a new family is undeniably endearing.