The recent "Red Circus Hijacking" arc on Spy x Family was particularly terrifying in part because Loid and Yor weren't present to save Anya. Their presence in the past has typically ensured that everything will work out for their adopted daughter. Despite the widespread expectation that either Twilight or the Thorn Princess would miraculously appear during the hijacking incident, Anya and the other Eden Academy students were on their own.

Yor sprinted from home to find Anya, giving her a bear hug while his eyes welled up with tears. Loid didn't appear to have survived, but Chapter 75 unexpectedly revealed the spy had come back for Anya. But Loid's reaction seemed to be one of indifference, not the emotional reunion Spy x Family fans were hoping for. Many readers were perplexed by his singular promise to prepare Anya's favorite meal—especially considering how strongly he had reacted during the Eden Academy interview.


Loid Hastened to Anya's House

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Trust Twilight to have somehow caught wind of what was happening on the school bus and immediately race home. Though he couldn't make it back in time to save Anya, he stayed behind long after the hijackers were arrested to see Yor sprint to the scene to pick Anya up. Though he outwardly appears nonchalant, there are enough subtle signs that show just how worried he really was.

It's unclear whether he gave up on his undercover mission or completed it quickly before heading back home. In any case, Twilight's focus was no longer on that objective. The fact that he lacked any form of disguise revealed his frazzled condition. He could have easily created the mask of an SSS officer because he was a master of disguise, bringing him closer to the action.

Instead, he put on the most basic of disguises, simply masking himself; he was more worried about Anya's safety than he was about hiding himself. By entering a location crowded with SSS officers wearing only a bomb squad uniform to disguise himself, Twilight took a significant risk.


In Spy x Family, Loid's Past Still Influences the Way He Expresses His Love

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Due to a combination of his childhood and his job as Twilight, Loid has always been the more reserved of the two Forger parents in Spy x Family. He was much more open with his feelings as a child, primarily affection for his mother and fear of his father. Losing his parents and his friends in the war, which left only destruction and pain in its wake, had left Twilight no other choice but to shut everything else out to survive. Aside from hatred and despair, he had no use for any other emotion.

He has always kept a tight lid on his emotions ever since giving up his real identity in favor of Twilight — and, consequently, the other identities he's adopted as a result of being a WISE agent. He even taught Fiona Frost, another agent, to perform the same. Since Operation Strix began, things have been gradually changing though. When he was listening to Yor and Anya, Fiona noticed minute traces of genuine emotion leaking through his mask. Loid is still hesitant to admit that his relationship with Anya and Yor is genuine, though. It would be more difficult to lose them if we did this.

There's no doubt that Loid loves Anya, and he was proud of her after hearing what she had done on the bus. But his outward expression of love is limited because of his traumatic past and the mask he has spent years perfecting. He shows his love in other ways like tucking Anya into bed, recording her favorite show, reading her favorite manga to better understand her, promising to protect Yor if her friendship with Melinda proved to be dangerous, reassuring Yor and bolstering her self-confidence that she is doing a great job as a mother and wife. It will be many, many chapters before Spy x Family readers hear Loid say "I love you." Until then, he will be saying those three words through things like Anya's favorite food, hamburger steak.