The following contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1, Episode 4, "Is This Not Real Magic?," now streaming on Disney+.

It's safe to say the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had major problems with the concept of sorcerers over the years. Doctor Strange broke rules by reversing time against Kaecilius, which caused Baron Mordo to turn against the Kamar-Taj mages. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now reiterating that Wong, despite having high expectations as Sorcerer Supreme, is indeed a shady character who shirks responsibility.

This isn't just connected to his drunken partying with Shang-Chi and Katy, but in how he broke the law by taking Abomination to a fight club. To make it worse, Wong ran away from the authorities, not caring about the bad impression he left for himself, or heroes in general. Interestingly, the sorcerer fraternity as a whole has a much bigger issue within their inner-circle, with She-Hulk's Episode 4 now revealing just how much the sorcerers lack transparency and accountability for their repository of knowledge.

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The drama regarding the sorcerers revolves around the mismanagement of spells and manpower. Wong shed light on the chaos when he visited Jennifer, wanting her to get the selfish Donny Blaze to stop using magic. It turns out Donny was booted from Kamar-Taj and came back to society, using parlor tricks on stage to make money.

Now, there's a major problem with this, because Donny -- another toxic jerk like Dennis -- endangered the real world in his act by dropping Madisynn into a hellish realm. In addition, he accidentally opened a portal for monsters to attack his magic show. This wouldn't have happened if the sorcerers were more mature and had a plan on how to deal with folks like him who didn't make the cut. A binding spell, one to wipe their minds, or some other security measure should have been put in place to avoid this.

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Donny, after all, is a prime example of how folks could go in, learn, steal secrets and then come out to cause mischief. Simply put, without a watchdog, or by just randomly placing trust in such sketchy folks, Kamar-Taj can breed criminals or foster spies. One has to think there'd even be a purity test to ensure these folks are worthy of receiving the gifts of magic. Because let's be real, the fact Donny left with a sling ring and some skill in the mystic arts proves Kamar-Taj didn't keep proper tabs to see who was misappropriating the teachings and endangering innocents like Madisynn.

There's no telling who already co-opted magic, if they were better than Donny at using it, and if they deployed the tools for selfish gain -- all without consequence. This means ex-mages could have been messing up reality all along, crossing dimensions, working with demonic beings, inviting incursions and harming the fabric of the Multiverse. It's just ludicrous to think a cease-and-desist or a contract would prevent such despicable behavior. In this case, given how dangerous magic can be as intellectual property and a weapon, stringent measures of control are essential. Ultimately, there's been no oversight or clues into what's been traded, which once more makes Kamar-Taj and the idea of a Sorcerer Supreme something the MCU has to drastically improve upon.

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