One Punch Man: The Hero Association Isn't as Wonderful as They Seem

By: Christian Markle May 10, 2023
In One-Punch Man, the Hero Association performs a fantastic job of coordinating heroic acts, but they might not be as effective as the general public believes.
One Punch Man: The Hero Association Isn't as Wonderful as They Seem

The Hero Association, a key organization in the One-Punch Man universe, oversees numerous heroes dedicated to safeguarding society from various threats, particularly monstrous entities. While it has effectively maintained peace and order, recent events in Chapter 181 hint at potential controversies beneath the surface.

Blizzard Exposes The Hero Association's Issues


In this chapter, two formidable heroes, Saitama and Terrible Tornado, find themselves in a powerful clash causing significant collateral damage. Attempting to minimize harm to innocent citizens, they struggle to address the aftermath. Enter Hellish Blizzard, another hero, who unveils hidden issues within the Hero Association.

Blizzard confronts McCoy, a notable figure within the association, exposing questionable transactions with external organizations. Using data gathered by her Blizzard Bunch through system access, she reveals suspicious dealings with Tsukuyomi and other groups. Blizzard proposes a deal to McCoy, seeking his cooperation in portraying Tornado's actions as heroic, thus ensuring her silence.

Potential Challenges for the Hero Association

However, this arrangement may lead to unintended consequences. The association's connections, influence, and potential collaborations with questionable groups pose challenges for its future. Tornado's assertive demeanor and Blizzard's risky strategy may also impact the association's public perception and draw disapproval from McCoy, who might share information with adversaries.

In summary, Chapter 181 of One-Punch Man raises queries about the Hero Association's integrity and future trajectory. Despite the presence of dedicated heroes, the association's ties with external entities and possible internal conflicts could pave the way for intricate and demanding plot developments.



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