Many anime characters fight with a variety of attributes and tools at their disposal. Whether prodigious strength or cunning intellect, they are able to succeed in their aims due to a well-rounded set of abilities and gifts. However, a handful of individuals prefer a much more high adrenaline approach.

Some characters rely on speed above anything else in order to win, usually counting on an opponent's inability to predict them. Through identifying such characters, it becomes easier to appreciate the merits of raw mobility and if it is enough for someone to thrive against the obstacles in their way.

10 Speed's Name Speaks For Itself (One Piece)

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Speed was a gifter and headliner in service of Kaido's armies in One Piece. As her name suggests, her primary asset is her ability to bound from one place to another using her powerful cloven legs.

Eventually, Speed was bribed to help the heroes since she fell under the effects of a devil fruit. As a result, her responsibilities shifted from blitzkrieg tactics to emergency rescues of weaker allies. Speed was also instrumental in helping to convert other gifters to the samurai's side during the final battle for Onigashima.

9 Anubis Overwhelmed Enemies With Disorienting Swiftness (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Anubis was a rogue Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure whose powers made him particularly treacherous. With every moment he fought an enemy, he became progressively faster until not even Silver Chariot could keep track of him.

Unfortunately for Anubis, he is not especially clever or powerful. On the contrary, his physical strength is limited by the host body he possesses, and he cannot "train" to grow stronger. As a result, he must depend on his quickness to win every single battle he fights.

8 Cheetu Was Too Confident For His Own Good (Hunter X Hunter)

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Although Cheetu was one of the fastest villains in Hunter X Hunter, he was much too cocky for his own good. He had poor durability, and his nen power needed serious work.

To make matters worse for Cheetu, he was so impatient that he often willingly walked into enemy traps. As a result, Morel outsmarted and defeated him in their first encounter. Should Cheetu actually have been able to temper himself and fight with intelligence, he could have been a threat on par with Meruem's royal guards.

7 Speed Was All Pieck's Cart Titan Could Do (Attack On Titan)

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Out of all shifters in Attack On Titan, Pieck's ability was easily the weakest. Her Cart Titan may have been incredibly fast and with endurance to match, though it did not possess a fraction of its peers' strength or offensive potential.

To compensate for the glaring deficiencies, Pieck was often mounted with a turret staffed by armed Marleyans. It artificially increased her power and allowed the infantry to attack from vantage points that would otherwise not be afforded to them.

6 Kuro Was A Treacherous East Blue Pirate (One Piece)

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Captain Kuro was the leader of a pirate crew and one of the most prominent threats of the East Blue saga. Although lacking a devil fruit or haki, he was so fast that Luffy struggled to catch him. In a matter of seconds, the man could cleave through an entire cliffside using his razor-sharp claws.

The only problem with Kuro's ability was that he could not see where he was going. As a result, his attacks were unfortunately imprecise and also endangered his own colleagues.

5 Zenitsu Relied Completely On Instincts (Demon Slayer)

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From a passing glance, Zenitsu might seem like one of the most underwhelming heroes in Demon Slayer. He was cowardly, weak, and only knew a single ability. However, the young boy was an entirely new threat after falling unconscious.

When relying solely on instincts, Zenitsu's "thunder breathing" technique moved so quickly that many demons barely even realized they were decapitated before it was too late. As a result, Zenitsu is able to persist in a world that is otherwise much too frightening for him to deal with.

4 Tenya Iida Was Class 1-A's Speedster (My Hero Academia)

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Although My Hero Academia's Tenya Iida may like to think of himself for his intelligence, he depends on raw speed more often than not. This was seen through his encounter with Stain, where he hoped to overwhelm the vigilante and failed comically.

Tenya was also outsmarted by Hatsume and used to debut her latest inventions during the Sports Festival. It is fortunate that his "Jet" quirk is so powerful since he would likely have been killed in almost every fight he participated in otherwise. Tenya's judgment makes him too literal and easy to predict.

3 Bradley Was More Vulnerable Than Other Homunculus (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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King Bradley was unlike any other homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist. In addition to aging naturally, he did not have their healing factors. This made him significantly more vulnerable to enemy attack.

Luckily for Bradley, he was the fastest character in the series, to such an extent that he could even dodge bullets. His Ultimate Eye also helped him predict enemy movements and counter accordingly. Nonetheless, Bradley's lack of strength and durability are deficits that none of Father's other children share.

2 Uzu Hoped To Confuse Opponents With Rushed Attacks (Kill La Kill)

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Uzu was one of the most committed fighters in Kill La Kill. Determined to defeat Ryuko at any cost, he blinded himself so that his other instincts — including his speed — would be further enhanced.

During a fateful duel against Ryuko, he disoriented her with a flurry of blinding attacks. However, when Ryuko realized that the after images he left behind were only illusions, it was significantly easier for her to defeat him. Regardless, Uzu is easily the fastest character of the Elite Four, and arguably even the entire series.

1 Koga's Legs Were Empowered By The Shikon Jewel (Inuyasha)

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Inuyasha's Koga was the leader of a wolf tribe. A determined romantic, he came to Kagome's aid time and again, using his tremendous speed to whisk her to safety.

Koga's athletic physiology already makes him an incredibly slippery and elusive opponent. When enhanced by the Shikon jewel, he managed to evade Naraku for even longer than Inuyasha's group did. Unfortunately for Koga, he is relatively unintelligent, and his durability leaves much to be desired. Without his legs working at optimal capacity, he is almost insultingly easy to defeat. Being so one-dimensional is his greatest weakness.

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