The 2023 anime season has come to an end, but it is a season that fans will never forget, as shows like One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Frieren: Beyond Journey's End left their mark. While these anime series were highly sought-after for their incredible visuals and portrayals, some lesser-known shows were underrated and overlooked by fans.

While these shows are not Jujutsu Kaisen, they are undoubtedly gems ready to be found that cater to a wide range of fans. Using MyAnimeList rankings and popularity polls as a metric, various shows are overlooked by many. However, that doesn’t make them any less interesting.

10 Kizuna No Allele Season 2

MyAnimeList Score: 5.68

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Music, School
  • Studio: Wit Studio, Signal.MD

Despite being an AI, AI Kizuna has inspired many virtual artists around the world. Among the many who wish to follow in her footsteps is Miracle, a young girl who attends the prestigious ADEN Academy. Although AI Kizuna disappeared half a decade ago, Miracle still strives to be like her and win the prestigious Lapin d’Or, as she did.

As Miracle’s idol, AI Kizuna was made and based on the actual VTuber Kizuna AI. Fans may find this show intriguing because of its unique origin; moreover, fans of the VTuber get to see the VTuber voice her character.

9 Yuri Is My Job!

MyAnimeList Score: 6.70

  • Japanese Title: Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!
  • Genre: Comedy, Girls’ love
  • Studio: Passione, Studio Lings

Hime Shiraki seems to be the perfect woman with her beautiful looks, angelic voice, and cute aura. However, after an unfortunate accident involving Mai Koshiba, Hime has to work at Café Liebe until Mai recovers. Despite her good-natured personality, Hime's inexperience as a maid is apparent for all to see.

As Hime is forced to deal with Mitsuki Yano, a co-worker who seems to have it out for her, her true personality begins to leak through her facade. With the comedy and scheming this series features, fans may find it more than just averagely interesting.

8 Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari

MyAnimeList Score: 7.26

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures

Tsukumogami are generally non-violent spirits who possess inanimate objects and are easily sealed by the Saenome. However, after Hyouma Kunato has a malevolent tsukumogami spirit take everything from him, he begins to use violence to exorcise all tsukumogami he comes across.

To redeem himself, Hyouma is sent to live with Botan Nagatsuki, a woman whose family consists of various tsukumogami. In a twist of events, the malevolent spirit that Hyouma had been pursuing suddenly reappears and kidnaps Botan. Now, Hyouma must choose his goals: to get his revenge or save Botan, or can he do both?

7 Helck

MyAnimeList Score: 7.26

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Studio: Satelight

After the Demon Lord gets defeated by the hero, the realms are happy and peaceful. However, for the demon realm, chaos ensues. As the humans celebrate their victory, the demons organize a tournament to choose a successor. However, one of the contestants stands out to Vermillio.

This contestant, named Helck, is a human who claims to hate his own race. But is this all a farce to eliminate the demons, or does he seek to truly destroy humanity? The unique perspective this anime series depicts from the lives of the defeated demons makes it refreshing, and fans may find it intriguing with its fresh take.

6 Tearmoon Empire

MyAnimeList Score: 7.29

  • Japanese Title: Tearmoon Teikoku Monogatari: Dantoudai kara Hajimaru, Hime no Tensei Gyakuten Story
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Studio: SILVER LINK.

After the Tearmoon Empire finds itself faced with an epidemic, a famine, and a financial crisis, its citizens revolt and kill off the royal family. After being imprisoned for three years, Mia Luna Tearmoon is executed by the guillotine. However, as the blade falls, she suddenly wakes up in the past in her 12-year-old self.

Fearing the pain of the guillotine, Mia endeavors to save the empire rather than indulge in pleasantries as she normally would. The simplicity of its protagonist, Mia Luna Tearmoon, results in a simple but unique narrative that fans may find endearing.

5 Otaku Elf

MyAnimeList Score: 7.29

  • Japanese Title: Edomae Elf
  • Genre: Comedy, Supernatural
  • Studio: C2C

For over 400 years, the local goddess Elda has lived in the Takamimi Shrine while being served by the family who summoned her. After 15 generations, it is now Koito Koganei’s turn to serve the goddess. However, the endeavor proves more difficult than planned. Koito must learn to serve the socially reclusive goddess while balancing her school life.

To get the goddess to be less of a social recluse, Koito embraces the never-ending struggle of trying to get the goddess to interact with humanity in a way that audiences will find comical and entertaining, despite the simple storytelling.

4 Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc

MyAnimeList Score: 7.38

  • Japanese Title: Captain Tsubasa Season 2: Junior Youth-hen
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Studio Kai

Like various other sports anime series, the junior youth arc of Captain Tsubasa follows Tsubasa and his comrades as they continually improve to one day reach the top level in the football world, where they can face off FIFA-level opponents. While Tsubasa used to be considered a prodigy in his hometown, after moving to Nankatsu, Tsubasa realizes that in comparison to him, many other prodigies are present. To stand out, he'll have to put in hard work and discipline.

With the first season of Captain Tsubasa airing in 2018, the second season portrays a deeper story that is supposed to hook viewers. However, many fans overlooked this sports anime series.

3 Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

MyAnimeList Score: 7.44

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Studio: J.C.Staff

Although a human, 15-year-old Ann Halford wishes for fairies to become free, as they have been enslaved by humans. Once a fairy is stripped of its wings, whoever has said wings controls the fairy. Exploiting this weakness, the humans quickly turned on the fairies.

In addition to the freedom of the fairies, Ann also wishes to become a master confectioner — a Silver Sugar Master. To achieve her dreams, she goes to attend the Royal Candy Fair and hires the warrior fairy Shen Fen Shall after saving him from a fairy trader. From then on, the duo’s paths interconnect in ways that leave viewers wondering what would become of them.

2 Overtake!

MyAnimeList Score: 7.55

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Sports (Auto Racing (F4))
  • Studio: TROYCA

As an original anime series, Overtake! follows the young, quiet F4 racer Haruka Asahina as he races with the small team Komaki Motors to achieve his dream. After meeting freelance photographer Kouya Madoka, Kouya is intrigued by Asahina and his dream and decides to help him achieve it, despite being in a slump.

As the duo’s starkly different natures intersect, audiences witness a heartwarming story without supernatural creatures and abilities, but simply a group of individuals who strive to achieve their dreams on a racetrack.

1 Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story Season 2

MyAnimeList Score: 7.62

  • Japanese Title: N/A
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures

After the first season of the series, Eve and Aoi Amawashi develop a complex relationship based on competition and interest to see who's the better golfer. After Eve suffered defeat at the hands of Aoi in the first season, she aims to have a rematch and prove herself.

However, her rematch must wait as the duo must now participate in the All-Japan Girls’ High School Golf Doubles Championship to claim a title for their institution. With a second season that takes the story further, fans of golf and sports anime, in general, may find it intriguing.