The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 172, "Special Something," by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, and James Gaubatz, available in English via Viz Media.

Epic battles are fun, but they frequently result in a lot of collateral damage. Saitama's apartment was destroyed during the most recent conflict between the Hero Association and Monster Association, which was fought by One-Punch Man. The bald hero's promotion to Class A, which has some useful privileges, is convenient. He accepts the invitation to stay at the Hero Association's new headquarters, but adjusting to the new setting will take some time. Saitama's new neighbors have arrived to welcome him, but will they stick around for the duration of the series?

Saitama has been visiting City Z frequently to look for his misplaced possessions despite having a spot within the Hero Association's new headquarters. They introduce themselves to the bald hero because they know he hasn't had many chances to get to know his new neighbors, but they don't just want to say hello. They want Saitama to know that they are the seniors in his apartment.


Saitama Gains a Few "Friends" in Chapter 172

One-Punch Man: Saitama's Made Some New Friends - But Will They Stay?_0

Despite admitting that he had no idea who they were, Saitama finally allowed his new neighbors inside his home. And to Forte's annoyance, he even called them "kids." Forte's question about Saitama's age made it clear that he was older than the other two. Despite only having lived there for two weeks, they were adamantly trying to convince him that they were his elders. Once Saitama heard this, he was able to identify these people as his neighbors. The new headquarters was suggested by King after his old crib was destroyed, he even mentioned it when he introduced himself and said that.

With all the conversation going on, Chain Toad became thirsty and took off his mask to sip some tea. After that, Butterfly DX described Chain Toad's strategy. Likewise, he and Forte introduced themselves to Saitama along with their gimmicks. However, because Bald Cape was largely cut off from the outside world, he had no idea who these people were and may have even inadvertently insulted them in the process.


Will One-Punch Man Fans Be Seeing More of Saitama's New Neighbors?

One-Punch Man: Saitama's Made Some New Friends - But Will They Stay?_1

In One-Punch Man, strong characters with unusual skills or personalities are common. Numerous recurring characters in the series meet this requirement, such as Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and even the monster Oculette. Their creativity gives the series a deeper, more comedic flavor. Having said that, Saitama's new neighbors' antics are all perfectly in keeping with his social circle. There is a good chance that readers will see more of them since they will unavoidably be meeting frequently. However, there is an issue.

These Saitama's new friends might be foolish enough to steal some of the limelight, but they might not be powerful enough to contend with the other warriors. Saitama's social circle is after all full of S-Class heroes or people with a comparable status. Aside from their ridiculous heroic antics, they don't seem to offer anything else, though Saitama may already be interested in them because of them. After all, the bald main character of One-Punch Man isn't that difficult to buy.