Black Clover Enters Its Final Arc With a Major Plot Twist

May 18, 2023
Even though Lucifero has been vanquished, Asta and his friends are still in danger since a much more evil foe is revealed in Black Clover Chapter 331.
Black Clover Enters Its Final Arc With a Major Plot Twist

Black Clover's recent arcs have been filled with intense suspense, largely due to the existence of Devils.These malevolent beings have wreaked havoc on the Spade Kingdom and targeted the Clover Kingdom, forcing the strongest mages to rise up and defend their homes. While defeating Lucifero, the ultimate antagonist of the "Spade Kingdom Raid" arc, was a significant victory, Chapter 331 of Black Clover reveals the emergence of an even more sinister villain.

Defeating Lucifero required the combined efforts of the Clover Kingdom's most powerful mages. Asta's anti-magic played a crucial role during the battle, while Mimosa's healing magic shone in the aftermath. However, as Black Clover embarks on its final arc, the threat posed by the Devils is far from over.

The Revelation of Julius Novachrono's True Identity

With Yami and Nacht out of danger, the mages of the Clover Kingdom finally have a moment to catch their breath. Nacht brings Yuno to meet someone special: his mother, the current queen of the Spade Kingdom. Meanwhile, Asta and Liebe exchange words of gratitude for their accomplishments in the fight against Lucifero. Despite the much-needed respite for those who fought on the front lines, Julius feels a sense of unease. He suspects that he has overlooked something, a feeling reinforced when Damnatio visits him and reveals the results of his research on Devils.

According to Damnatio, there are three Devils ruling the underworld. The first two are Lucifero, who wields gravity magic, and Beelzebub, who controls space magic. The third and final Devil is Astaroth, a user of time magic. Damnatio theorizes that Megicula, the Devil responsible for the curse on the Black Bulls' member, might have descended from Astaroth's lineage. However, the most astonishing discovery is that throughout history, there has only been one time magic user: the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono.

The Unprecedented Battle Against Julius Novachrono's Devil Form

Julius Novachrono is widely known as the most powerful mage in Black Clover, even defying death and managing to save a few years of his life. Now that it is revealed he is a Devil and one of the rulers of the Underworld, he may prove to be an even greater threat than Lucifero. It can be argued that he possesses magic power on par with Lucifero, but Lucius Zogratis, Julius Novachrono's Devil name, is not one to underestimate humans. He is cunning, strategic, and may have even predicted these turn of events.

As Black Clover's final arc unfolds, with the Wizard King as the story's main antagonist, Asta and his companions face even harsher days ahead. Julius, already a formidable force in his human form, is likely exponentially stronger in his Devil form. This raises the question of how Asta will overcome the challenge of defeating his idol and achieving his personal goals, especially since Lucius possesses an overwhelmingly powerful type of magic.


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