The pompadour is a hairstyle that may be outdated in some parts of the world, but in Japan, it's often attributed to delinquents and gang members. This flashy, slicked-back hairdo isn't just big and eye-catching, but has also been seen as a symbol of toughness and rebelling against convention.

Given that context in Japanese culture, there have been anime characters who have sported the pompadour, and while there have been many to do it, some of them have been the gutsiest and toughest characters that the medium has ever seen. The pompadour may come in many forms, but these characters rock it with pride.

10 Captain Battleship Is A Fierce Yet Crazy Rival To Bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

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A member of the "Chrome Dome Big Four," the pompadour-sporting Captain Battleship (aka Gunkan) is one of the many strange yet powerful antagonists of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. A fellow student of "Fist of the Nosehair" and former friend to Bo-bobo, Battleship has fought his afroed rival on even footing and operates on a similar wavelength to him.

Battleship uses his nose hairs and a healthy dose of crazy randomness to fight. Battleship can also use his big pompadour as a weapon, extending it and whipping it around to attack his targets.

9 Mondo Is The Ultimate Biker Gang Leader Of Hope's Peak Academy (Danganronpa)

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Mondo Owada is one of many unfortunate souls who end up being held captive at Hope's Peak Academy and forced to participate in the killing game in Danganronpa. As the "Ultimate Biker Gang Leader," Mondo is tough, foul-mouthed, and very quick to anger, though he does have his friendly side, as seen when he and Ishimaru become close.

However, beneath all of Mondo's tough guy bravado, he has an intense inferiority complex that compels him to be seen as strong. This ties into his guilt over the death of his brother, which was powerful enough to compel him to kill Chihiro. While he did regret it, he was still found guilty and was executed.

8 Metal Bat Can Take Down Gigantic Threats With Nothing But A Bat & His Own Grit (One-Punch Man)

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The S-Class heroes of One-Punch Man are some of the strongest defenders Earth has to offer, able to singlehandedly take on villains and hordes of monsters, even if some of them don't look like much. One such example is the pompadour-wearing hero Metal Bat, a brash yet powerful fighter.

While Metal Bat may look like an ordinary delinquent, he has been able to take down tons of monsters on his own, wielding nothing more than his own strength, fighting spirit, and a baseball bat, which altogether can make him powerful enough to make entire buildings collapse. While he's not the strongest, Metal Bat deserves as much respect as the rest of his S-Class colleagues.

7 Bulat Was One Of Night Raid's Deadliest Members (Akame Ga Kill!)

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A former soldier of the Empire and known as the "100 Man-Slayer," Bulat from Akame Ga Kill! was one of Night Raid's most valuable members. Powerful as he is physically huge, Bulat was an absolute beast in battle with or without the power of his Imperial Arms, Incursio. However, under that was a kind and tender heart towards his allies, like that of the heart shape in his pompadour.

While Bulat served with Night Raid for quite some time, he met his end on a mission that put him up against a former commanding officer of his, Liver. Bulat won the battle, but he succumbed to his wounds, leaving Incursio in Tatsumi's hands, who would carry on his legacy.

6 Ryu Started As Just A Delinquent, But He Became A Selfless Shaman (Shaman King)

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At the beginning of Shaman King, Umemiya Ryunosuke, aka "Wooden Sword Ryu," was just a stereotypical gang leader who didn't believe in the supernatural, but that was before he was possessed by Tokageroh. From there, Ryu would later become a shaman and would participate in the Shaman Fight, becoming a trusted ally to Yoh.

Hot-headed and disrespectful on the outside, Ryu ends up showing his kinder and passionate side to his friends, especially in regard to what he calls a "Best Place." In time, Ryu became a selfless fighter who would sacrifice himself to keep his allies safe.

5 If Nothing Else, The Alien-Hunting Dandy Knows What He's About (Space Dandy)

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Space is a big place, brimming with all sorts of new discoveries and alien species to be found. In the case of Dandy from Space Dandy, it's really nothing more than a way to make some money. Self-centered and irresponsible more often than not, Dandy's always on the hunt for the next score to indulge himself in his more hedonistic tendencies. However, weird sci-fi misadventures still find him and his crew anyway.

Though Dandy is not always reliable, he can be kind and compassionate to others where it counts. Dandy has the unconscious ability to traverse the multiverse and almost became a god. However, he turned it down when he realized he couldn't really enjoy it.

4 Franky Is The Cyborg Shipwright Of The Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece)

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A member of Tom's Workers, a former crime boss, and now the Straw Hat Pirates' cyborg shipwright, Franky from One Piece has had nothing short of a prolific life. To help Luffy and the others, as well as to fulfill his dream of having a ship that'll travel the world, Franky helped build the Thousand Sunny, decked out with all of its homey features and unique Soldier Dock Channels.

Over-the-top, yet driven, Franky's an essential member of the Straw Hats and one of its toughest as long as he's got enough cola. While he might not always rock a pompadour, it is one of his more recognizable hairdos; he even once fashioned a pompadour that looked like a cannon.

3 Sweet JP Has A Need For Speed (Redline)

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It takes a lot to compete in the fast and dangerous sci-fi races seen in Redline and very few humans ever compete, but Sweet JP is in it for the thrill and excitement that the race brings. While some racers end up fighting dirty with weapons equipped to their vehicles, JP refuses to do so, letting his car and his drive to win speak for themselves.

JP ends up having one of the most explosive and over-the-top finishes of any animated race. He not only wins, but thanks to a photo finish, he wins thanks to his long pompadour.

2 Kuwabara Went From Delinquent Zero To Demon-Slaying Hero (YuYu Hakusho)

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While YuYu Hakusho's Kazuma Kuwabara may seem like the average meathead punk on the surface, there's more to him than how he appears. With immense strength, some precognition, and the ability to manifest his spirit energy into swords, Kuwabara has fought powerful demons and has come out on top, too.

Often, Kuwabara is reckless, stubborn, and a bit clumsy, but he's also extremely loyal and follows his own code of honor; his refusal to give in has won him the day more than once. Kuwabara may have started out as the second toughest guy in his school, but he becomes one of the strongest humans Yu Yu Hakusho has ever seen.

1 Insulting Josuke's Hair Is Asking For Trouble (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has introduced many cool and tough protagonists over its many parts, and Josuke Higashikata is no exception. Despite the attitude of a normal teenager, Josuke is already naturally gifted with his Stand, Crazy Diamond, by the time Part 4 begins and won't hesitate to use those skills if someone deserves a good thrashing.

On top of all that, Josuke's rather proud of his pompadour, wearing it in honor of someone who saved him many years ago — so much so that if anyone even kind of insults it, Josuke will go ballistic. Insult Josuke's hair and a brutal beatdown won't be too far behind.