The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1085, "The Death of Nefeltari Cobra," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English from MangaMonster.

Chapter 1085 of One Piece, "The Death of Nefertari Cobra," had a lot of revelations about Imu. One of the most shocking disclosures was that the King of the World was almost certainly endowed with Devil Fruit abilities. They have a Zoan metamorphosis, to be specific.

What exactly Imu can morph into is unknown. So yet, the figure has only been presented as a silhouette, with only a few hints as to what it is. It ate Sabo's fire assault and may or may not have killed Nefertari Cobra. However, what little has been revealed about this shape has left plenty of room for speculation.


What Does Chapter 1085 Imply Imu's Devil Fruit Is?

One popular theory is that Imu's Devil Fruit transforms them into a literal devil. This monster may have brought these Fruits into the earth and may have dominion over them. Imu's Devil Fruit would thus be the mother of all Devil Fruits.

The portrayal of Imu's powers in One Piece Chapter 1085 lends support to the devil theory. Their shape isn't apparent, although it appears humanoid with jagged fangs. Both of these characteristics are linked with classic portrayals of the devil.

There's also the attack that killed Cobra to account for. The ruler of Alabasta was done in by something arrow-shaped that could be guided along its path. This could have been the tail of Imu's devil form. Imu's Devil Fruit form also seems to have a resistance to fire, as showcased when Imu first assumed the form to devour Sabo's Rook Check. It would make sense for a devil to be used to the fires of Hell and have little trouble with flames.

If they aren't devils, other significant animals could represent the King of the World. Some have interpreted the silhouette to mean Imu is an umibozu. This enormous yokai from Japanese folklore comes on wide waters as humanoid silhouettes and sinks ships. This type of Zoan metamorphosis would be superior to previous Devil Fruits in that it would allow the user to move freely across the water. It may also be related to the gigantic silhouettes in the Florian Triangle, which resemble umibozu. Unfortunately, this idea is difficult to maintain because it implies Imu's shape was displayed, but there is no great reveal.

Another theory suggests that Imu's Devil Fruit transforms them into Typhon. This creature is known as the father of monsters and one of the deadliest beings in Greek mythology. This would complete the dynamic between Imu and the Five Elders, who all seem to have Zoan transformations.

The most important thing about this transformation is how it proves that Imu is a fighter, as are the Five Elders. Luffy and his friends will likely face this monster in a climactic battle at or near the end of the series. By that point, Imu's transformation will be revealed, and their mysterious showcase of abilities in chapter 1085 will be explained.