In Naruto: Konoha's Story -- The Steam Ninja Scrolls, fans have learned a lot about Sarutobi Mirai. She's proven herself as a candidate for the next Hokage in the Hidden Leaf. Not to mention she's carrying on her father Asuma's legacy perfectly, bridging a generational gap and working past the pain of losing him.

It's all due to her taking down Ryuki and the Jashin cult dedicated to Hidan. Of course, Mirai gets help from Might Guy and especially Kakashi, who's been mentoring her journey and helping her evolve. But as Chapter 15 wraps the Steam Ninja Scrolls story, it's clear Mirai needs someone else to push her progress -- especially when it comes to one particular technique.

She has demonstrated why she should be the next Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Not to mention that she is flawlessly continuing her father Asuma's legacy, bridging the generational divide, and getting over the loss of him.

It's all because she overthrew Ryuki and the Hidan-centered Jashin cult. Naturally, Might Guy and Kakashi, who has been guiding Mirai on her trip and assisting her in evolving, provide assistance. However, as Steam Ninja Scrolls Chapter 15 draws to a close, it becomes quite evident that Mirai requires assistance, particularly with regard to one specific skill.


Naruto's Mirai Needs an Expert in Genjutsu Techniques

In the war against Ryuki, Mirai uses a genjutsu to trick him into thinking he's made her a blood puppet. It's remarkably done; she has him thinking he's licking her blood for the spell, when really he's licking water from her bottle. It ties into when she used this move on thieves in the Land of Steam, leaving them writhing in pain from hallucinations. It's quick, cerebral and something the ANBU squad would approve of.

Admittedly, Kakashi isn't an expert in this technique, despite unlocking the Mangekyo Sharingan in the Naruto era. Obito Uchiha temporarily powered him up for the Fourth Shinobi War against Kaguya, but Mirai's prowess requires someone more skilled. This paves the way for Sasuke, who's a Sharingan master, or even Mirai's mother, Kurenai.

The latter has incapacitated many enemies of Konoha in the past, and by learning from experienced folks like them, Mirai can rise to the levels of say, Itachi or Shisui. Seeing as covert missions and stealth jobs outside the Hidden Leaf fit her so well, this technique -- once she can boss it -- makes her just as effective as an Uchiha Ranger.


Mirai's Tutelage Can Evolve the Boruto Era's Concept of Family

If Kurenai takes Mirai to train, they can bond over what she's learned here in Steam Ninja Scrolls. Mirai is healing from the trauma of never meeting her deceased father, but she is indeed just like him in battle. This emotional bond can strengthen their partnership and play on the concept of love, heart and soul. It'd motivate Mirai more to honor her mother, while giving Kurenai more screen-time, as she became a background character once Asuma died.

Should Sasuke work with Mirai, there's a chance for Sarada to join as well. This creates a sisterhood, as Sarada has her Sharingan, plus she always loves learning from and with Mirai. Sasuke's knowledge aside, there's also a common thread linking Mirai and Sarada. Both want to be Hokage so Mirai, who's older, can educate the teen on how the journey's going and the missions outside Konoha helping her grow.

Furthermore, they may both analyze how loss and tragedy affected their families. Sarada isn't personally affected by the loss of the Uchiha clan, but Sasuke is. As a result, if the past is still striving to hinder Mirai's evolution, he can assist her. It would be ironic, given that genjutsu is all about shattering people's minds through dreams and fictitious worlds. So, in the end, Sasuke can teach Mirai about real life, the dreams they must let go of, and equip her with wisdom, practicality, and a steeled-up attitude for the future. This can rub off on Sarada, who understands how past can influence shinobi in the future, with Mirai serving as an excellent example of turning misery into success.