A notable fan apparently verified the anime adaptation of Shonen Jump's spinoff prequel manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

Ever (@DabisPoleDance), a My Hero Academia megafan on Twitter, claimed that an anime adaptation of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, the solo prequel series to Shonen Jump's enormously famous My Hero Academia, was now in the works. Ever did not say when the Vigilantes adaption will be released. She also declined to say whether Bones Inc., the animation studio behind the original My Hero Academia anime adaptation, will be back to oversee the development of the beloved shonen series' prequel spinoff.


What is My Hero Academia: Vigilantes?

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a prequel series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court. The spinoff launched in August 2016, first serialising in Jump Giga magazine before moving to Shueisha's online publication Shonen Jump+ for the remainder of its six-year lifespan. Vigilantes ended in July 2022, with a total of 126 chapters, which were later combined into 15 separate volumes. The complete English translation of Vigilantes' last volume will be released in print on October 10, according to publisher Viz Media.

Set a few years before the events of the main series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes recounts the narrative of Koichi Haimawari, a 19-year-old university student who idolises the world's heroes such as the fabled Symbol of Peace, All Might. However, Koichi's weak quirk "Slide and Glide" prevents him from following in his idol's footsteps, leading to his recruitment by the vigilante Knuckleduster and his quest of justice in Tokyo's sordid underbelly. Furuhashi noted that the gloomy setting portrayed in Vigilantes was largely influenced by DC's Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.


Vigilantes also features multiple appearances from several beloved characters of My Hero Academia. Most notably, the prequel series prominently highlights the beginnings of the fan-favorite homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, Shota Aizawa, aka Eraserhead. The grittier tone also allowed a deeper exploration of some of My Hero Academia's most notorious villains, such as the infamous Hero Killer Stain. Several Pro Heroes are also involved with the series' narrative, with icons such as All Might, Endeavor and Mirko making appearances throughout the story.

At the time of writing, the anime adaptation of the spinoff series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has yet to receive an official release date. The upcoming Season 7 of My Hero Academia is currently in production.

Source: Twitter